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I AM the white-fire-core consciousness of seed and seedling, of oak and redwood, of flower, of star, of birds that sing, of church bells that ring, of the chiming of the clock, the cosmic clock that tells the time of initiation, of victory, of love. As I walk with you each step of the way, it is because I pursue children of the dawn, children of my root race. And thus, from now on, I would speed to you on wings of light the impetus of our light and of our love that you might also release the great homing call of Father-Mother God to our children to “Come home, come home, come home.” I withdraw to the heart of the secret rays, and when you invoke those rays, I shall come forth and place upon you my Electronic Presence to raise you into the pattern of God-identity.[1]

  1. Vaivasvata Manu, “Nurturing the Souls of a Planet,” October 12, 1973.