Two Men Who Stood by in White Apparel

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The ascension of Jesus, John Singleton Copley (1775). The two men who stood by as Jesus ascended are depicted here as angels.

The Two Men Who Stood by in White Apparel are mentioned in the Bible as standing by when Jesus “was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight.”[1] They appeared to the disciples and promised that those who had seen him go into heaven would also see him come in like manner.

The ascension of Jesus

These two witnesses are emissaries of Luxor. They “stand by” to focus the light of Alpha and Omega at the ascension of the sons and daughters of God. Their white apparel is the condensation of the ascension flame. These two masters have explained their role in attending the ascension of Jesus in this way:

The purpose of two of us coming from Luxor to attend the ascension of Jesus was that we might hold for him in outer manifestation, even in the physical octave (which is why our bodies were lowered to that level), the focus of Alpha and Omega, the focus of the caduceus, for the ascension flame is the wholeness of the light of Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit.

Therefore we attended the ascension, even as those who receive the ascension at the Ascension Retreat receive the ministry of two attendants who guard that one as the one becomes one with the rising pillar of fire upon the altar and the sacred dais. It was, then, an effort of hierarchy, though we would never eclipse the attainment of the beloved Son of God, for truly the totality of his consciousness immersed in the Creator of Life was a wonder of wonders even to us who are often witnesses of souls ascending.

Nevertheless, as the angels tarried in the tomb as he was working out the flame of the resurrection and the victory over death, so the Law requires the holding of the balance. And you will recall the extending of the cup to David Lloyd by the now ascended master Godfre, and you will realize that Godfre himself was the focal point for the white light. And he stood with us who stood at inner levels, guarding the matrix as this son of God traversed from the plane of Matter to the plane of Spirit.

And so the more you learn of the inner workings of hierarchy, the more you realize that truly the path of initiation is a joint effort of ascended and unascended servants of the Most High.[2]

The Ascension Temple

Usually candidates for the ascension journey to Luxor to make final preparations for the ascension at the conclusion of their final incarnation. Some spend a number of hours, days, weeks, months or years before they are given the opportunity to take their ascension from inner levels.

However, others who have served the hierarchy and balanced more than 51 percent of their karma and who have been associated with the holding of the balance of a certain geographical area or the transmutation of certain conditions of great darkness from ancient civilizations have been assigned to take their ascension from the very place where they spent their last days. This occurred, for example, with Mother Mary, Clara Louise Kieninger and the messenger Mark L. Prophet, whose record of the ascension remains anchored over the Pikes Peak area in Colorado.

Serapis Bey periodically reviews the records of chelas of many of the ascended masters serving earth’s evolutions. When any of the students have manifested a certain alchemy of attainment, Serapis apprises the Keeper of the Scrolls and other ascended masters at Luxor that these individuals may receive the mark as candidates for the ascension. This marking is a white fleur-de-lis, an insignia that is a focus of the white fire of the ascension flame.

This insignia is recognized by all of the ascended hosts, angels and elementals, and the one who has earned this insignia receives an extraordinary assistance from the members of the Great White Brotherhood. All who are in the octaves of Spirit go out of their way to watch and to pray for those who are making their way on the path of the ascension. There are candidates for the ascension in many of the nations of earth, and most are connected either with the disciplines of the way of Christ or the disciplines of the way of the Buddha—two paths above all others that provide an outline for right living and walking with God.

These two masters speak of their service at Luxor:

We also hold classes in the weaving of the seamless garment, and you would be surprised how many times the initiates must start again and again because of the unevenness of the forcefield of the lines and the threads—the very threads themselves representing the consciousness, the thoughts, the feelings. Thoughts are the warp, feelings are the woof, and the fire of the etheric body is the smoothness of the cloth that is to drape as a forcefield of auric protection around the physical body and all of the bodies.

Some of you who have taken sewing classes who have found yourselves sewing and then undoing and then sewing and then undoing can well understand that this is the patience that is required when working on the seamless garment. And you see, the masters of the Ascension Temple have a very sharp eye for the quality of the garment and they never, never let pass an imperfection in the weave.[3]

The path of the ascension

These masters point out the importance of attention to the details of life on the path of the ascension:

Realize, then, that the path of the ascension is nothing but detail. It is the disciple who has the consciousness of detail, who leaves no stone unturned, who will discipline the self, who will realize that it is the small victories inch by inch won in consciousness that make the final victory, just as the raindrops one by one make the streams and rivers of life.

As you approach, then, the mastery of the secret rays from the mastery of the seven rays, realize that you are coming nearer and nearer to the fiery core of your ascension. In the seven rays of mastery you are concerned with conquering the world and forging the pathway of light. But the secret rays demand the very delicate awareness of threads and lines, and crisscrossing of threads and lines, for this is truly the weaving of the seamless garment....

And so the Path continues, the pilgrims continue on the Path, and we watch and we wait. And there will come a time when those of you who have now felt this fire in your heart and who feel it continuing to burn—there will come a time when two of us, whether ourselves or others who serve in twos from the Retreat of Luxor, will come to you, perhaps a decade, perhaps more, before your ascension to assist you in the flow of the currents in your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies.[4]


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