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Artist’s conception of Victory’s Temple (from the master plan for Camelot)

On June 3, 1960, the ascended master El Morya announced an unprecedented dispensation from the Karmic Board: “A mighty Temple of Victory is to be built in this nation for all mankind, dedicated to the Presence of Almighty God. It shall be called ‘I AM’ the Temple of Life’s Victory”—the “first temple of the Great White Brotherhood known to the outer world since Atlantean days.”

The pattern for this magnificent, vast temple was lowered into the etheric realms of earth, but it requires the acceptance of the gift and the full appreciation of its significance by the sons and daughters of God before it can be externalized in the physical plane.

The dispensation

In announcing this dispensation, El Morya said:

By the authority of the great Karmic Board and in the name of beloved Helios and Vesta the following grant is given to the mankind of earth—

To Wit:—

The earth has been blessed by the presence of a mighty number of advanced souls, avatars and divine personages through the ages, manifesting as cosmic teachers, founders of great religions and revelators of divine truth, including the rather universally acknowledged Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha and Mohammed as well as many other magnificently God-endowed beings sent to earth by the Eternal Father for mankind’s enlightenment and blessing. Wholly unaware is the mass-mind still of the proper veneration and allegiance they ought to pay to the supreme God, the Eternal Father, their personal individualized God Presence “I AM!”

Therefore, to the present day confusions abound, allegiance is divided and strife continues concerning the holy purposes avowed by men universally as the will of God, the wisdom of God, et cetera. Likewise, in the arena of politics and government, the ruling personages of the world continue to engage in so-called diplomatic exchanges—some necessary and some not—which keep the status quo of the nations in a continually disturbed state. Without attempt to fix blame, we who know the divine law because we have syncretized ourselves with it, make certain recommendations in connection with this cosmic grant which is given to Earth by the same loving Father who long ago sent forth blessed Jesus in the land of Judea and the city of Bethlehem to make his first world advent. The Father has declared to us “I AM” in heaven (the divine consciousness) and all is right with the world when they attune constantly with my goodwill!

Therefore, because all religious strife and intolerance is incompatible with God’s will; because wars and warfare are diametrically opposed to the purposes of the Prince of Peace we offer a gift to earth which is set forth below:

When peace and harmony are achieved religious-wise and secularly among the family of nations, in the whole body politic, to be just it must be under the direction of Almighty God, and when that occurs it will be a magnificent victory for both God and men! Therefore, the grant to mankind from the ascended host is to give to the world a genuine outer focus of the Great White Brotherhood without concealment or secrecy! A mighty Temple of Victory is to be built in this nation for all mankind, dedicated to the presence of Almighty God! It shall be called

«YO SOY» el Templo de la Victoria de la Vida…

(Remember Solomon builded him a house and that name is clearly seen to mean Solomon—“solar-man”: Christ-illumined men full of the sun of divine wisdom)

The pattern for this vast temple is now being lowered from the blessed Silent Watcher into the etheric realms and the action will be completed by July 1st—in time for a celebration of our cosmic declaration of independence for this blessed earth from all imposition of tyranny or bondage! That is what we are doing—regardless of human appearances. We are affirming the freedom of earth by establishing the first temple of the Great White Brotherhood known to the outer world since Atlantean days.

What is the meaning of this whole dispensation? Beloved ones, Saint Germain shall describe this blessed building to you in next week’s Pearl—together with a more complete explanation thereof. Meanwhile I want you to take stock with me of how blest we are to secure this joint dispensation. First, an opportunity to heal the “laggard” breach of discord, and then the glory of Victory’s Temple on earth where our communion can be established right “through the veil” and wherein the radiance of heaven can begin to produce upon earth that scientific, spiritual and political life which represents the will of God as a glorious opportunity for all to share in building the golden age.

That now the door is open is the significant factor![1]

Description of the temple

Camelot Master Plan.jpg

In the next Pearl of Wisdom, Saint Germain gave the following description of this temple:

How precious a dispensation beloved Helios and Vesta have given! What a cosmic victory is sent to earth! All who grasp the significance of this grant and are serving as channels must sense that victory which is literally flooding the world and all mankind. This is the long-called-for light of a thousand suns from the radiance of millions of Cosmic Christs who now in answer to your calls have descended and will remain until life’s perfection is restored to all. While this action for mankind’s benefit goes on right now it is more or less unspeakable to the outer world, but, God be thanked, the second phase of the dispensation can be given recognition in the outer world and can be used as a focal point for the expansion of not only our outer action but also the enlightenment of all our chelas and those we will later draw out to serve the expansion of the light in this very day!

Si el gobierno temporal puede exigir de la humanidad la sustancia material para armar la Tierra con instrumentos de destrucción, ciertamente los amantes de la paz y la libertad, que son multitud en todos los países, ¡responderán al gran privilegio de poner muchas piedras en este templo exterior diseñado con una grandiosidad espiritual tan elevada en los niveles internos! Cuando esté terminado, tengo pensado dar a los Estados Unidos y al mundo mi mayor regalo, ¡pues en él voy a afianzar el pleno foco de mi llama de la libertad!

Do you see now why I have labored so long for America’s “freedom” so that the whole world may kindle its own fires of freedom on America’s torch, that from the great heart of its people grace may flow to all the family of nations—for all are the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

El primer piso del templo (y hay tres sobre la superficie) es el Templo de la Victoria. Es el más grande y es completamente circular, rodeado de enormes columnas corintias en el exterior y arte en granito tan bello como el propio Taj Mahal, todo dentro de la belleza de sus imponentes columnas. Alrededor del anfiteatro habrá gloriosas pinturas de los grandes chohanes, incluyendo también al amado Jesús y a María, a los arcángeles y a muchos otros de los conocidos miembros de la hueste ascendida. Aquí los servicios estarán abiertos a todas las personas, sin restricción debido a credo o raza, según las tradiciones de la Hermandad.

El segundo piso está dedicado al Espíritu Santo y como tal es un «aposento alto”, grande como pueda ser, dedicado al magnífico Señor, el Maha Chohán. Aquí se celebrarán los rituales más sagrados, incluyendo aquellos que están calculados para representar la acción ceremonial de esta era sobre la que ahora yo presido. El afianzamiento de la llama de la libertad aquí es un don de la sabiduría divina. También se afianzará un enorme foco de una paloma blanca como la nieve en este templo, dentro del cual los maestros de luz precipitarán varias muestras y focos del fuego sagrado para ayudar a amplificar la acción del Espíritu Santo en de las vidas de la humanidad—y especialmente aquellos que estudian las leyes del fuego sagrado y sinceramente buscan aplicarse al desarrollo de esa llama de la vida de Dios dentro del cáliz de su propio corazón sagrado.

El tercer piso está cerrado a todos excepto a los chelas más avanzados y está bajo la dirección del gran maestro ascendido Serapis, cuyas disciplinas, que son más estrictas, llevan a la libertad de la ascensión. También es circular, pero más pequeño que los otros templos. Esperamos poder permitir aquí el uso de una silla de la ascensión, situada directamente sobre del foco de la llama de la libertad del segundo piso, que está, a su vez, sobre el altar de la Victoria en el primer piso. Este templo está estrictamente dedicado a la ascensión y es para que lo usen quienes se acercan a ese logro. En este templo atravesaremos realmente el velo en nuestro cuerpos tangibles y ayudaremos a terminar la victoria terrenal de nuestros chelas más fieles, como hicimos en la Cueva de los Símbolos y en otros retiros sagrados.

Así, esta «pirámide» circular honra el nombre de Dios de una manera en que las varias etapas de evolución pueden estar focalizadas de una manera práctica, cuyo delineamiento no será demasiado fuerte para no separar a las personas, excepto para inspirarlas y elevarlas con una belleza mundialmente reconocida y la acción vibratoria de la Hermandad misma, que ahora se mueve de nuevo hacia una ígnea acción mundial en el reino exterior visible e indisimulado.

Further descriptions may be given from time to time, but we are not presently so concerned with the form as with the gift of the temple. Its approval is God’s gift from our realm of light. Its creation, then, is a cosmic gift externalized by the acceptance of mankind. We will assist in its externalization from time to time but the law requires that you balance our gift by serving the law of your being, and calling forth your own God perfection while doing also as we do and assisting all life to find their own victory![2]

Physical manifestation of the temple

The design for this temple came from Mighty Victory. The temple exists in all its pristine beauty in the etheric realm and may be visited by unascended mankind while they sleep. We yet await the full manifestation of this dispensation through the physical building of the temple.

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Jesús y Kuthumi, Corona Class Lessons: For Those Who Would Teach Men the Way.

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