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Over the years, Omri-Tas has released specific violet-flame dispensations to assist the chelas of Saint Germain and to uplift the earth. We can call to Omri-Tas to reactivate and multiply these dispensations:

Violet flame spheres

Omri-Tas came forth at the 1963 Freedom Class in Washington, D.C., and released violet-flame balls into the atmosphere of the earth from the heart of the Violet Planet. These were seen by the messengers and students in the sky over the city. We may call to Omri-Tas for the rolling in of the violet-flame balls any time a concentrated action of the sacred fire is needed on a planetary scale (for example, to quell riot, war or mob hysteria).

Violet-flame clearance of the soul chakra and the cleansing of the West Coast of America

On October 9, 1976, Omri-Tas came for the clearing of the soul chakra of Terra, of America and of every soul on earth. He announced:

We would cleanse this coast of the records of infamy and rebellion, of hatred of the Mother and selfishness of her children.... We are starting a violet-flame action here in the heart of the City of the Angels [Los Angeles] and here in the heart of the Mother and the devotees that will go around the circle of fire, around the entire border of Lemuria, consuming, consuming with the all-powerful light of the violet transmuting flame the records of misuse of the light of love in God-obedience....

Now I raise my arms for the release of sacred fire into the depths of the Pacific at that point where the seven holy Kumaras released the flame of Mother and the rising action. So we penetrate to the ocean floors of the planet the release of the violet flame for the rebalancing of energies and conditions in earth, in water, in air and throughout the etheric plane.

Inauguration of the Aquarian age. Alpha cycle of the violet flame

On December 29, 1976, Omri-Tas came with legions of violet-flame angels and priests and priestesses of the sacred fire for the inauguration of the Aquarian cycle

... by the release of the violet flame from the very heart of the Violet Planet.... We come to take up residence on Terra for the age of Aquarius and for the bringing in of that age.... We will make our abode in the residence of the Lord of the World ... and we will stand with Terra until the turning of the cycles and the turning of the age....

Angels of the Violet Planet and priestesses of the sacred fire, together with the mighty hosts, the one hundred and forty-four thousand priests who yet hold the focus in the heart of the Violet Planet, have begun that ritual of saturating the earth plane with the action of the violet flame that is for the purpose of the transmutation of millions of years of the qualification of energy on Terra.... We come, then, to introduce the age of ritual, of science and of alchemy.

Omri-Tas also gave the following promise:

From the point of Alpha at Shamballa I will stand, then, to release my light into the heart of the Mother, into the hearts of all who would be Mother, into the hearts of all Keepers of the Flame. And each morning with the first ray of the dawn that caresses the face and the heart of the devotee, I will send forth the electric spark, the current of the Alpha cycle of the violet flame. And in that moment, you may catch that spark and be and receive the Omega return and therefore be unto me throughout the twenty-four-hour cycle the Omega counterpart of the Alpha-concentrated energies, which I place now upon the altar of Shamballa.

Multiplication of 15 minutes of violet flame

On July 6, 1984, Omri-Tas announced a dispensation for the multiplication of our decrees to the violet flame:

If in all reverence, with inner attunement, a sense of yourself in your Christ Self as priest or priestess of the sacred fire, if with all your heart and deep within your heart you will take, then, fifteen minutes each day to give profound and loving invocations to the violet flame in my name (and please remember to use my name, for I am the one from whose causal body this dispensation comes), then we will take that offering, measure for measure as it is devoted, as it is profound and sincere, the very weight of its power and light. Therefore, by the quality of it, quality for quality, it shall be multiplied in your life ten times!

Violet-flame reservoir over central Europe

On February 26, 1988, in a dictation given in Lisbon, Portugal, Omri-Tas announced the dispensation of a violet flame reservoir positioned over central Europe:

It is a very large reservoir of light as a sea in itself; and this light, beloved, is there for you to invoke as a direct transfusion to all lightbearers of Europe, Eastern Europe and the entire Soviet bloc.... When you invoke the violet flame, it will draw forth the light of this reservoir and also maximize it, fortify it, multiply it by your own love and devotion. And therefore, that light shall flow to every lightbearer in these lands. And as it does flow to them, it shall quicken them, it shall cut them free, it shall therefore transmute their spiritual and physical blindness as to those events coming....

This reservoir is a certain dispensation. If those Keepers of the Flame in embodiment do not make the violet-flame call daily, then this reservoir will come to be used up in its entirety, apportioned, then, among all lightbearers. But if the call continues to be given, the reservoir shall be like the unfed flame. It shall not fail. It shall remain full, and all that goes out of it shall be returned unto it multiplied by your call.

Violet-flame sea of light

On May 1, 1991, in Portland, Oregon, Omri-Tas announced the unprecedented dispensation of the violet-flame sea of light:

I deposit in the heart of the earth a dispensation immense of concentrated violet flame. It is an intercession of the quality of mercy. It is an intercession afforded to all those who serve the light. And through your Holy Christ Self, it shall be meted out as an unguent, as an elixir. May you drink of it in your hours of need and in your hours of strength and keep it replenished by new calls to the violet flame. It is a giant violet-flame reservoir, as a sea of light pulsating.

Archangel Zadkiel has spoken about the action of the violet-flame sea:

The function of the violet-flame sea is to purify and transmute misqualified energies that have accumulated on the earth’s surface, within its crust and at the very center. There the violet-flame sea can take the form of a fiery violet-flame vortex, spinning at an unfathomable velocity and drawing unto itself vast accumulations of planetary effluvia and human karma that mankind and all sentient life have borne for thousands of years.

But as great a dispensation as the violet-flame sea is, it cannot work for you unless you give your violet-flame decrees daily for that sea and that vortex to consume the toxic materials that have been layered in the earth as civilization after civilization has compounded the burdens of planetary life.[1]

Oromasis and Diana have also spoken about the violet-flame sea:

Visualize the tremendous area that the violet-flame sea in the center of the earth does take up. It is greater than any sea you have ever beheld. See this violet flame sea in action now. Imagine the violet-flame sea rising up as a tidal wave of violet flame by your invocations, inundating the earth, not with the power of destruction but with the power of transmutation, transmuting the cause and core of war, of Death and Hell itself, beloved. Consider, then, how you can roll these back as you reverse the tide of darkness [by the power of] the tide of the violet-flame sea.

Do not think that when you invoke the violet-flame sea you shall receive but a portion. By the worldwide momentum of this activity of Keepers of the Flame and those whom you draw into it, by the very power of your violet-flame auras, you can raise up mighty waves of light that wash through and wash away all that could beset this civilization in this decade.[2]

Saint Germain spoke of the violet-flame sea in a dictation delivered in New York in 1993:

I would like to tell you an anecdote about the messenger. This anecdote she does not expect me to tell you, beloved ones, but ... So she was meditating and lying down with face down and deciding that in this brief meditation she would relax all parts of her body and put herself into the meditation of a free fall, falling, then, into the arms of God and feeling the letting go of all tensions of the day.

After a time the messenger realized that in this free fall she had come to the center of the earth and was swimming in the violet-flame sea. This gift I gave to her because she does so love the sea. And therefore she swam in the violet-flame sea and, with the aqua waters mingling, knew the warmth and the beauty and the exhilaration to the body, the soul and the mind of the violet-flame sea.

So, thus you may try this meditation. It requires that you disengage the mind from the tensions of the body and have such trust in God that you visualize yourself descending, falling into the arms of divine love, content that divine love will receive you and take you where it desires. Know, then, beloved, that you have not even tapped the unlimited healing resources of that violet-flame sea.

Why, beloved, you may call to the archangels, for that is their witness and their duty, to take you to the heart of the earth. Why, they take you to the retreats in the etheric octave, beloved. Is it not a small matter for them to take you to the heart of the earth so that you, too, can splash in the waters of the violet-flame sea and know a regeneration and a rejuvenation that you may come back to New York filled with the fires of the violet flame and contribute to the stream of light being released through the angels of Uriel, through the angels of Zadkiel, through the angels of Gabriel for the resurgence of the original flame of New York, the flame of the Temple of the Sun?[3]

Omri-Tas to be present on earth on the third of each month

Main article: Omri-Tas and Saint Germain’s Day

On October 14, 1991, Omri-Tas announced a thirty-three-day dispensation in which he would remain on earth to “give us a boost” and multiply our violet-flame decrees. At the conclusion of the thirty-three days, Omri-Tas granted another tremendous dispensation. The messenger and chelas had written petitions to Omri-Tas, asking him to remain longer and offering pledges of violet-flame decrees.

In response, Omri-Tas said that he was profoundly moved by our offering, but that he could not remain on earth full-time. He said there were many other planets at a similar crossroads to that of earth who were in great need of his presence. However, he was so touched by the pledges of daily violet-flame decrees that he promised to return to earth on the third day of each month. That is the day when walls of violet flame can come down, and we can be directly in the Electronic Presence of Omri-Tas.

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