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Virgo and Pelleur are the directors of the earth element. They are the mother and the father of the earth and the gnomes. They work with the hierarchs of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius to teach mankind the mastery of their physical bodies; and with the hierarchs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo to teach them the mastery of the earth element.

Virgo and Pelleur are cosmic beings who rule from the sun of even pressure in the center of the earth and direct the rays of the causal body through the earth element. During the first three golden ages that element was transparent, pure as crystal with rainbow hues, but after the descent of mankind’s consciousness into duality, the earth element took on the density of man’s consciousness, as did the water and the air.

The burdens upon the elementals

In 1980 Virgo and Pelleur told us that “there are billions upon billions of gnomes tending the cycles of earth in the four seasons, purging the planet of poisons and pollutants so dangerous to the physical bodies of man, animal and plant life.” They spoke with great concern about the burdens upon elemental life and the need for the violet flame to prevent earth changes: “In past ages when the discord, death and disease self-created by mankind have reached proportions greater than that which the elementals could bear, Nature herself has convulsed,” as it did when “elemental life unleashed the fountains of the deep, causing the great deluge that resulted in the sinking of the continent of Atlantis and the flood of Noah....

If and unless there is a great intensification of the saturation of the earth body with the violet flame through the multiplication of the calls of Keepers of the Flame, there will be in this decade major planetary upheavals, changes in weather conditions and earthquakes that result in great loss of life as well as permanent changes in the geographical surface of the earth.[1]

We have seen a certain amount of this come to pass already, and Saint Germain has said that the amount of violet flame invoked by the evolutions of the planet has not been sufficient to completely transmute the karma. When the people do not put forth the light of the violet flame, then it is Nature that must enact the transmutation. Nature’s transmutation of burdens of world karma too hard to bear is cataclysm. That is why we have seen major cataclysms at the end of ages.

The gnomes and their service

Virgo and Pelleur have described the gnomes and their service:

The beings you call gnomes, whose image has been dwarfed in the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and other fairy tales, actually range in size from three-inch-high elves playing in the grasses, to the three-foot dwarfs, all the way to the hierarchies of the mountains who attend the Great Hall of the Mountain King and Queen glimpsed by Grieg and portrayed in his musical tribute to the special gnomes of Norway and the Norsemen.[2]

There are giants in the elemental kingdom of the earth. These are powerful beings who wield the fire of atom and molecule and hold the balance for the continents through cataclysm, flood and fire. This evolution was created by Elohim to sustain the platform for the great experiment in free will ordained by God unto his children whom he sent forth into the planetary systems to be fruitful in the Christ consciousness and to multiply the manifestation of God in their offspring and in the works of their hands.

As the gnomes represent the Holy Spirit and are transmitters of the love of the Comforter through the beauty and caring of nature for God’s children, there are other elementals who represent the office of the Father, the Son and the Mother. Thus, even in the lower kingdoms of the planetary bodies there are representatives of the four cosmic forces envisioned by Ezekiel and Saint John.[3]

The mighty gnomes, gentle and merciful, are the archetype in nature of the ox who treadeth out the corn,[4] the great burdenbearer of mankind’s karma. Self-sacrificing, they even deny their own evolutionary fulfillment in order that man as the highest manifestation of God might continue to have the opportunity to prove the law of grace and enter into the rite of spring in the true spirit of the resurrection flame.[5]

A gnome assigned to each Keeper of the Flame

In 1991 Pelleur said:

There is a certain class of gnomes who have come with me this day who ... are familiar with mankind and their ways and their deeds. They have received a special education in order to take part in the activities of this community. They have been prepared to separate out from our bands and to join forces with Keepers of the Flame who find it realistic to make the pledge today to set aside even ten minutes out of the twenty-four hours a day to make specific fiats on behalf of the elementals.

A gnome is therefore assigned to you, each one, as an experiment. This gnome will be as an assistant. This gnome will take directions from you and also impart to you intimations from myself and beloved Virgo as direction as to what needs to be accomplished upon the planet for the continuity of earthly existence itself. These gnomes will assist you as you give the violet-flame calls for the beings of fire, air, water and earth, even as they will call to other elementals whom they will train to decree and to invoke the violet flame.

Until the gnomes and the elementals have been endowed with a threefold flame by their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they must make the call under the sponsorship and mantle of your individual Christhood, your individual threefold flame. Therefore, it is as much a benefit to the gnome for you to receive him or her as it is to you for the gnome to receive you. It is a mutual pact, if you will.[6]

Pelleur and Virgo are known as the Earth Father and the Earth Mother. Virgo is also sometimes known as Prosperina.

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