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On July 1, 1987, Elizabeth Clare Prophet interviewed Antony Sutton. One subject of their conversation was weather manipulation:

Antony Sutton: There are three ways, basically, to manipulate the weather. I think the Air Force spends about two hundred million dollars a year on the first method, which is dumping silver iodide crystals into clouds. And that creates rainfall. It’s very primitive. It’s not accurate. It creates chemical pollution. And it’s on the way out.

The Soviet Union uses the first method. They are developing a second method based on Nikola Tesla’s work, the magnifying transmitter. They can induce [electromagnetic] standing waves and use these standing waves to divert the jet stream. By diverting the jet stream at the upper levels you change global weather.

This probably has happened in the last few years. It has become much wetter in some areas, much colder in United States. It has actually become much warmer in some parts of the Soviet Union. These are gigantic, almost global effects, brought about by changing the jet stream. I mentioned it in connection with Challenger disaster. By changing the jet stream they brought colder weather down over Florida.[1] That’s the second way.

The third way is very new. I only came across it about four or five months ago. A man called Trevor Constable, who is a electronics engineer on the Matson Line, has been doing a series of experiments with what they call primary energy, which is the ether, the belt of primary energy around the earth. They have constructed weather guns, which operate, basically, as a function of the speed of the vessel against the movement of this belt of energy as a function of the shape and construction of the gun. They can now bring down rainfall just about wherever they want it.

So there are, basically, these three different methods. The Soviets are aware of the Constable method. They called it plasmoid energy, but so far as I know they are not using it.

ECP: Last year we had a terrific draught in the Southeastern United States. Would you attribute that to weather manipulation?

AS: Yes. Because we know the Soviets have changed the jet stream. The changes in the jet stream would have brought about the increase cold weather in some areas, increase rainfall in other areas, that kind of end result, yes.

Shiva spoke about weather manipulation in 1978:

The first line of attack of the fallen ones is to use mankind’s karma against them in this very flow of energy, in the flow of the wheels of commerce, the distribution of food, of energy, electricity, water, and all that is necessary for day-to-day life. As you have seen in periods of blackout or of untoward weather conditions, these services are easily disrupted and with that disruption not many days need pass before chaos, starvation, and mass epidemic....

Beloved ones, the second line of attack that is so serious against the lightbearers of every nation is the manipulation of karma, world karma, by the fallen ones in weather conditions and in cataclysm. Some of these fallen ones are in embodiment and some of them have learned to manipulate weather; others are in the astral plane who are misusing that energy that has already been misqualified by mankind. And thus elemental life are the victims of the practice of black magic, sorcery, and witchcraft by those demons who are the impostors of the hierarchy of the Holy Spirit.

Understand, then, that between the attack upon the economy and of the balance of forces in nature, this is the line which you must hold, this is where light must be placed, this is where electrodes must be actually inserted by your conscious calls in the etheric, mental, emotional, and physical belts of the earth.[2]

Heros and Amora spoke about this in 1984:

We ask you to give the ritual of the cloud for the binding of the nefarious forces (whether in or out of embodiment) of world manipulation of weather patterns, whether such manipulation be used as an implement of warfare or as an attempt to discourage and malign nations.

Thus we appeal and we set free the elementals under their four hierarchs to work this day for the steadying of the earth, the atmospheric conditions, their reception of the solar anomalies and the activities in the heart of the physical sun which do hold the balance for the earth. This is a necessary service of the Holy Spirit and comes on the very wings and winds of the dictation of Gautama Buddha.

Let us send the power of love, peace, transmutation, and the binding of nefarious forces that there might be a stilling of those conditions that are life-threatening and engendering of fear and anxiety as all must face the message of the weather as something that somehow affects the emotions and the subconscious.[3]

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