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The ascended master El Morya has spoken of a specific band of angels who are called the weavers and how they can assist us in the healing of our four lower bodies:

My Electronic Presence can be over you as you decree. For you see, I am the embodiment of the will of God. All who invoke the will of God have my presence there, for I and my Father-Mother God’s will are one.

Give my mantra, have my manifestation, have access to my Causal Body. This is the foundation of a greater association with me and a stronger tie. Upon this foundation, then, return to the call and the dispensation at hand of the violet flame decrees. Let the diamond chalice building and building upon itself day by day as you give the 10.03 decree become a basket-weave crystal chalice for the violet flame.

If you reach a certain momentum of vibration and crescendo in these two, you then can say the mantra for the sealing of this blue-violet session:

“I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending!”

What does this mean, this mantra?

It establishes around you the T’ai Chi of Alpha and Omega. It establishes the balance of the yin and the yang spiritually, which your bodies may be the reflection of if you care for them carefully. It is the mantra of the Body and Blood of every Christed one in all octaves. It is the mantra of Holy Communion:

“I AM Alpha and Omega in the white fire core of being!”

It does establish balance and harmony to the point where angels of the violet flame, angels of the blue ray joined by healing angels can accelerate the mending of your garments.

I speak to you again of holes in the garments because this is often the one thing that is needed—the mending of the garments. You need that shield of the many layers, filigree layers of light that comprise your etheric, mental, astral sheaths. As you have torn these, they must be mended. They are mended by angels but the angels must have the light wherewith to mend them.

Thus I give you this concept, beloved. For if you will establish this [shield] around you, [as well as the diamond chalice and the balance and harmony of Alpha and Omega,] then my Electronic Presence over you is guaranteed when your heart is pure and your love is unto God and you have no idolatry of yourself or of me but only bow to the Light in me and in all manifestations of God.

I would surely desire to prevent further calamity or dread conditions in your physical bodies. I give you this concept and this matrix. I ask you to specifically call to angels—the angels who are called the weavers. The weavers come to reweave and they are experts. And when they fill in those holes, you will never know that there was a tear there. Thus they assist you with the weaving of the seamless garment, without which you cannot ascend to God in this life.[1]


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