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The Z-ray has been mentioned briefly in several dictations of the ascended masters.


And that mount [Zion] is the point of each one’s own I AM Presence. It is the ion of light and the mighty Z-ray which contains the power of Alpha unto Omega, as above, so below! Note the line of the Z. So the plane of Spirit is the horizontal bar above and the plane of Matter is the horizontal bar below, and the slanting vertical bar connecting the two denotes what is the instantaneous and mighty action of the Z-ray.

So many have drawn the lightning as a Z-ray continuously descending. And they have rightfully perceived the action of lightning itself, for it is to convey a certain fohatic light even in the physical dimension whereby there descends from Spirit’s octaves into Matter the pure light of Alpha and Omega for the realignment of molecules of earth, air, fire, and water.[1]

Saint Germain:

Take the z, beloved, of zeal and the zeal of Zarathustra. It is a mighty Z-ray and that zeal intensifies determination so that there is not even a question in your mind of failure or that perhaps you are at the wrong place at the wrong time or should have been born two centuries ago or two centuries later.[2]

Sanat Kumara:

As the saints one by one realize that I AM WHERE I AM, that they dwell in me and I in them wherever they are in Spirit and in Matter, the upper and the lower spheres of the figure eight begin to converge. This ultimate convergence of the spheres is finally completed through the Z-ray initiations of the ion (Zion). These are the initiations given by the Lamb to the archetypal ‘144,000’, who follow him whithersoever he goeth and are therefore with him on the mount (the apex of attainment) ‘Zion’.[3]


Call to me—

I will answer!

Watch and see

What we shall be!


Thus, you see, the ‘bee’ of Be-ness is a mighty Z-ray that, I should confess, will be revealed in all nobleness by Sanat Kumara. And that ray is always the known sound of the fusion of the Guru and the chela.

Let our coming then be the confounding of psychotronics, of astral counterfeit rays. Let our oneness be the mighty zzzz that will surely scramble every antiself counterfeit scrambling of the sound of light, the sound of the Word. And within the sounding of that ray is the soundless Sound. And none may hear that sound, that Word, that imparting of the light of Guru, save those who are first one in the mighty Guru/chela relationship that Sanat Kumara has founded.

Thus, the higher truth of Life is guarded and sealed in the union. And none may have it save those who are the union.[4]

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