Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, president of National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party, 1921; chancellor of Germany, 1933; dictator and Führer, 1934. Hitler’s “new order” included 1) inculcation of the view that Germans were the superior Aryan race; and 2) preservation of racial purity by extermination of Jews and other “inferior” peoples.

Occult background

Some who have studied the Führer’s past and the roots of his Third Reich claim that key figures in the Nazi Party actually practiced black magic. Hitler himself recounts that the years of his youth from 1909 to 1913 were the most vital, formative years of his life, during which he learned all that he needed to know to assume the leadership role in the Nazi party. During that period he experimented with drugs and made an in-depth study of medieval occultism and ritual magic.[1]

Key members of the Nazi Party are said to have been part of an occult society known as the Thule Group. According to Trevor Ravenscroft, the inner circle within the Thule were Satanists who practiced black magic. Thule was the name of the center of a vanished civilization like Atlantis. Initiates of the Thule Group believed that Great Ones of the Ancient World would place at their disposal a reservoir of forces which could be drawn upon to enable Germany to dominate the world and become the cradle of a coming race of Supermen. German armies would set out to annihilate all that stood in the way of their “spiritual” destiny. Such was the myth upon which the Aryan doctrine was founded.

Heinrich Himmler organized Hitler’s ruthlessly efficient SS (security echelon) not merely as a secret police force but as a religious order. High ranking SS officials were in charge of an unofficial Black Order. Their doctrine was based on belief in a force that surpassed ordinary human powers. Some say that the initiatory rite of SS cadets, the “ceremony of the Stifling Air,” included the Satanic Black Mass; others interpret it as the moment when participants were overcome by complete stupor.

Himmler’s Gestapo was instrumental in Hitler’s liquidation of 30 million “subhumans”—the total destruction of European Jewry, Polish intelligentsia, and a large slice of the Slavonic race. Although SS was a powerful political machine, the significance of the Black Order was purely “magical.” Matter must be transformed to liberate the psychic energy capable of attracting superior unknown beings. Thus, concentration camps were a form of “magic.” The gas ovens were merely ritual.

Ex-Nazi leader Hermann Rauschning, who defected to the Allies in 1940, said of Hitler, “One cannot help thinking of him as a medium.... Hitler was possessed by forces outside himself—almost demoniacal forces of which the individual named Hitler was only the temporary vehicle.”

The Spear of Longinus

The Spear of Longinus

Main article: Spear of Longinus

In addition, others have theorized that the talismanic power behind the Spear of Longinus (the sacred spear which pierced the side of Jesus) was the inspiration of Hitler’s life and the key to his rise to power. Hitler first saw the relic traditionally thought to be the famed Spear when visiting the Hapsburg Treasure House as a young man. He tells of hearing from the tour guide “the words which were to change my whole life: ‘There is a legend associated with this Spear that whoever claims it, and solves its secrets, holds the destiny of the world in his hands for good or evil.’... I knew with immediacy that this was an important moment in my life.”[2]

Nearly thirty years later, in 1938, Hitler invaded and annexed Austria, took possession of the relic, and moved it from the Treasure House in Vienna to Nuremburg.

Forces of darkness behind Hitler

The theory that Hitler himself or those who used the Führer as a tool were involved in black magic may explain, in part, why millions of the German people became caught up in the Nazi cause. Aside from the above theories, it is the thesis of the messenger that entities of darkness functioning at astral planes of existence—a false hierarchy organizing malevolent forces of anti-light against the purposes of the Great White Brotherhood—worked through Hitler and those at the international level who cooperated with him in the crimes committed in World War II against not only the Jews and Slavic peoples, but also the Germanic peoples.

Hitler’s final years

Most people believe that Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945 in an underground shelter of the Nazis’ Chancellory Building in Berlin during one of the final attacks on the city at the close of World War II. But his remains were never found, because as historians record, Hitler ordered that his body be burned.

For many this explanation is unsatisfactory. Too many questions remain unanswered. For one, why did he marry his long-time mistress Eva Braun only to commit suicide with her on the next day?

It is well-known that the largest German population outside of Germany is concentrated in South America. According to author Paul Manning, certain members of Germany’s ruling elite realized that they were going to end the war. One of the individuals who was aware of this fact was Martin Bormann, a close advisor to Hitler. As a precautionary measure, Bormann along with some bankers and S.S. officers set up an organization known as ODESSA transfer wealth and Nazi leaders out of Germany. When the war ended ODESSA began to transfer the German gold stocks and help Nazi intelligence agents escape to other countries.

Some of these agents came to the United States and assumed new identities. Many went to South America. These former S.S. agents put their training to use. Some joined Interpol. Others made vast fortunes trading in armaments because there was a surplus of weapons following World War II. Ironically, some of these Nazi war merchants even sold weapons to the emerging State of Israel.[3]

While Nazi war criminals were escaping to South America (supposedly unbeknownst to Western governments) former chairman of the board of Chase Manhattan Bank John J. McCloy was U.S. High Commissioner in the post-war German government, and another banker, Gen. William Draper, sat on the Commission. Draper was a partner with Dillon, Read & Co., a New York investment firm headed by Douglas Dillon.

Dillon, Read was one of the three major financial firms that contributed heavily to the building of the German Werhmacht. McCloy was also affiliated with the Ford Foundation, whose founder, Henry Ford, contributed financially to Hitler’s rise to power.

With the Nazis’ political system totally dependent upon Hitler, his presence in South America was crucial to carrying on the Nazi dream for a millenial kingdom with their Fuhrer at the helm.

His death

Mark Prophet was shown through his inner sight that Hitler was not, in fact, killed at the conclusion of World War II, but escaped by submarine and went to a place that was prearranged, a very small town in Brazil. He had plastic surgery to change his appearance. Mark described the whole scene in great detail, the people who were with him and what he looked like.

Hitler finally died a natural death in the late 1960s. When he got out of embodiment and into the astral plane—this one who had taken the left-handed path, using the power of God to imprison people and to kill millions—he immediately attacked the focus of light that was held by the messengers. Being highly evolved on the left-handed path, he recognized that none of the plans he had lived for could come to fruition when the people would learn the teachings of the masters. So from the astral plane he launched his attack in an attempt to destroy that focus and the teaching.

Cosmic law says that when you are attacked by a fallen one or a black magician, you may invoke the Presence of God and his emissaries for the binding of that one and his removal. So the messengers stood and made this call. They saw that one bound and taken to the Court of the Sacred Fire for judgment.

For him it was the Final Judgment. He had to give an accounting of all that he had done in all incarnations—not only the concluding one marked by the Holocaust, but also many previous embodiments of infamy and manipulation of the people. The record in the Book of Life was read. He was no more willing to surrender, confess the Christ and bend the knee than he had been ten thousand years earlier.

The canceling out of the soul of Adolf Hitler in the second death was the supreme mercy of God for God. Hitler had used God’s energy to murder God incarnate. He had imprisoned God’s energy in a horrendous momentum of hatred. God says, “My spirit will not always strive with flesh.”[4] God will not forever allow himself as energy to be imprisoned in our hatred, our jealousy, our ignorance, our darkness, our death, our rivalries. At a certain point there comes a moment when the bowl is broken and that energy must return to the Source.

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