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Alcohol is one of the most widely abused substances in America today. Taken in small amounts, feelings of happiness and lightness might occur, depending on the person’s mood. It offers the drinker an escape from the pressures and tensions of everyday reality.

Alcohol causes a variety of psychological and physical problems. One out of every four Americans admitted to a mental hospital today is an alcoholic. Alcohol causes cirrhosis of the liver; is a significant contributor to heart disease; is harmful to the digestive system, the nervous system, the liver, the brain, the respiratory system, the muscular system, the nervous system and other vital organs. There is a close correlation between heavy drinking and cancer of the throat, mouth and liver. Over one-third of all violent crimes and fatal traffic accidents are alcohol-related.

Alcohol poisons the protoplasm of nerve cells, ultimately causing permanent damage. After a period of time this causes memory loss, poor judgment and organic psychosis. Not only is there the breaking down of the cell as a vehicle for cosmic consciousness but there is the breaking down of the physical substance, the very structure of the cell.

Spiritual effects

We have been told by the Ascended Masters that any amount of alcohol in the blood prevents your attunement with your Holy Christ Self while that alcohol is present.[1]

In those who are addicted to alcohol, you can see over the years the deterioration of the sensitivity to life, their ability to think rationally. There is an opening of their astral body to their being used by demons and their mouthings of unwholesome and condemnatory statements. Often alcoholics are a funnel for all of the condemnation of the fallen ones against members of their family. And you know by what comes out of their mouths that these people are definitely not themselves—the things spoken through them they do not say when not under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol entities

The alcohol habit is perpetuated by thousands of entities, discarnates who attach themselves to the person and goad him into drinking. These discarnates may have been alcoholics when they were in embodiment. They do not have any Light momentum to rise to the etheric level where the retreats of the Brotherhood are located, where the etheric cities are, so they remain in lower levels and hover around those in embodiment who drink alcohol. They are still looking for the enjoyment of alcohol, and so they seek it vicariously.

There are also entities associated with the substance of alcohol itself. People become very aggressive or passive from these entities. They become vicious through Spiritus, the masculine entity, and passive through Spirita, the feminine entity.

Thus, when you are dealing with the healing of an alcoholic, you have an entity and a demon-possession problem. These entities create in people the dependence on alcoholic beverages for relaxation, stimulation and euphoria. They destroy incentive and self-respect. They are family wreckers. The entities themselves are anti-Christ, and they get to the child, the Christ Child, through the father and the mother.

Millions of alcoholics and heavy social drinkers are puppets to liquor entities. These victims in turn become discarnates, or disembodied spirits, when they pass on. So there is a long chain of alcoholics in and out of embodiment, and they remain in the same group consciousness. Some are in embodiment, some are on the astral plane reinforcing them, and they trade roles from time to time. This is one reason why the drinking age gets lower and lower—the discarnates reembody with the same desires for alcohol that they had when they were disembodied and in their previous lives.

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