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In response to the request of beloved Alpha, the messenger has made available to Keepers of the Flame in good standing a miniature focus of the crystals placed by Saint Germain in the atmosphere over the Ashram of the World Mother and the Santa Barbara Motherhouse on February 5, 1983. As Saint Germain announced, “There is ... a code of the secret rays within these crystals that has to do with that which will transpire here and elsewhere over the ... next thirty-three years.”

On July 4, 1983, Cyclopea placed his “ray within each of these teardrops of light. It is very seldom that we of the ascended hosts choose to designate some physical focus as a means of concentration, devotion, and the anchoring of our light ... for a certain purpose.... I transfer it to it ... a ray of light of crystal. Merely hold it and make your call to me for the crystal ray and through my heart to Alpha for those things which you desire to precipitate in the crystals of the earth for the victory in Matter for the new race and for the kingdom of God.”

Kuan Yin, on January 12, 1984, explained that the Alpha Crystal is “important for you to have and hold as cherishment, for he has indeed endowed it with a special secret light ... for the amplification of the threefold flame and its balance and the increase of the light of the heart.”[1]


Keepers of the Flame Lesson 30.

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