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To Alphas, the greatest mission and calling in life and the highest honor is to be the gatekeeper of the Royal Teton Retreat. This magnificent retreat is the principal retreat of the Great White Brotherhood on the North American continent. Thousands of lifestreams travel there from every continent as their bodies sleep at night to attend this retreat. Alphas is therefore a point of reference to all who come to this retreat. He is there to greet you when you arrive. When you see Alphas, you know that you have reached your destination.

Archangel Zadkiel refers to Alphas’ role as gatekeeper:

Beloved Alphas now opens the door, stands ready to admit each one. You have but to make the call, beloved hearts, as you take your sleep to enter the sheath of the etheric body, to enter the Christ mind and to receive the guardian angels. May you retain all in the Higher Mind, and may your Christ Self deliver to you the certain direction and knowledge of decisions you must make in the hours and days to come.[1]

By serving at his post, Alphas also demonstrates an important point of spiritual law in our service to the masters. By keeping your appointed post or point in hierarchy and doing it well, even if a humble position or office, you uphold your portion of the plan of God and keep a place in the chain of hierarchy. If that point is not held, a stitch may be dropped. By holding the position assigned, you also prepare yourself for the next point on the path of initiation.

We ought to be content to be in the position we hold and see that we do it well. As we master that focal point, whether it is a job in the world or in the household or as father or as mother or as teacher, we find that the masters give us the exact tests we need in life.

On New Year’s Eve, 1963, in Washington, D.C., Alphas gave an address at the conclusion of Gautama Buddha’s annual New Year’s Eve Address. He said:

I, Alphas, master of the gate for this session at the Grand Teton, declare that this glimpse into the Grand Teton Ranges is closed to mortal men for this occasion. You are welcome there, at the request of the Council, out of your physical forms and in your finer bodies this night. The request of Lord Gautama is that the peace he brought in the name of the risen Christ may surround you all this night. In the name of beloved Alpha and Omega, I, Alphas, bring my love to you as a keeper of that gate this night.


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