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Amen Bey has had many embodiments in Egypt, where he was a pharaoh who influenced the culture of the land according to the principles of the ascended masters. He was a priest of the sacred fire on Atlantis, and he works closely with Serapis Bey as a brother in the Temple at Luxor. His electronic pattern is a deep blue hieroglyph that contains the concept of the spiritual rebirth of the Christed man.

Amen Bey’s twin flame is Clara Louise Kieninger, Regent Mother of the Flame. Amen Bey and Clara Louise are dedicated to the youth of the world. When you call to them together, you have the mighty action of Alpha and Omega that they focus. You can pray to them to assist you to help parents and their children, and they will lead the way in spiritual work on behalf of the youth of the world.

Amen Bey presently teaches classes on cosmic law at the Royal Teton Retreat. He can assist you in preparation for the ascension and in healing. He says:

I AM Amen Bey, your brother on the Path. I bring healing through the sacred fire in your temple. I direct needlepoint rays into every cell and atom of your four lower bodies for balancing and healing.[1]


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