Anjo da Agonia

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O Anjo da Agonia foi o anjo que ministrou a Jesus na cruz. Com as suas legiões, o Anjo da Agonia inspira e eleva os que estão sobrecarregados pelo peso da cruz do carma pessoal e planetário. Ele exemplifica os muitos anjos que cuidam da humanidade sofredora.

Ele pede que nos lembremos dele quando orarmos pelos que sofrem:

I pray, then, that as you pray to our Father in the name of the Christ and the I AM THAT I AM, you will remember to call to me on behalf of the thousands upon earth who are suffering daily. Call to me, for then I can send legions to the side of those who are waiting and watching for the appearance of their Lord....

In the hour, then, of the suffering of those who depart from life making the transition, bearing as they do the personal and planetary karma, I ask you to call for all of those who are on beds of pain and who must be received by the angels of heaven and by the Lords of Karma. Call, then, that we might stand and encourage these blessed ones with a vision of the etheric temples and cities and retreats to encourage them with a view of the life that is to be and with the joy and the understanding somewhere in the soul that that suffering is also bringing a balance to life and the opportunity for others to live and to overcome. I ask you to call to our legions of angels also for the comfort of those who stand at the cross watching the passing of loved ones, for we would also care for those who suffer with the ones who are in the midst of the initiation.[1]

The Angel of the Agony and his legions come to rebuke the spirits of death who taunt the overcomers in the hour of agony and also to give inspiration to those who are passing through their initiations.

I desire that you should understand that even in the hour of the most intense suffering, even in the hour when pain is present within the body temple, there is a bliss within the soul and within the heart, and this is the bliss that expands and expands and expands until the entire forcefield of the Son of God becomes a replica of the Central Sun right in the very midst of the agony of the crucifixion....

I am called the Angel of the Agony, and I come with my legions to inspire those who are weighted down with the weight of the cross of personal and planetary karma. We come to the courageous ones who greet the angels of Lord Maitreya with the glad “Yes, I will be initiated! Yes, I will take the next step, whatever that step may be. I am ready Lord, for I have the will to be the victor over hell and death in this life, this my life victorious and triumphant.”[2]


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