Angel of the LORD

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The presence of the Deity in angelic form. The seven archangels and their archeiai ministering on the seven rays together with the five of the secret rays and the hierarchs of the thirteenth are the Angels of the LORD that “stand in the Presence of God” and are “sent from God” as his messengers to transmit the light (Christ consciousness) of that I AM THAT I AM to his sons and daughters for the accomplishment of those dispensations that they announce.[1]

Unto Moses was revealed the I AM Presence through “the angel of the LORD who appeared unto him in a flame of fire,”[2] which was the actual presence and personification of the I AM THAT I AM by Archangel Michael. This truth confirms the initiation conferred by God upon certain beings advanced in the heavenly hierarchy to actually bear in their person—in their chakras and auric field—the weight of God’s Presence. Even so have his prophets, messengers and Christed ones borne this “burden” of the LORD,[3] as they were called to be his visible evangels in form, taking embodiment to minister with the angels, Archangels, cherubim, and seraphim on behalf of souls evolving in the earth planes.


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