Anjo da Ressurreição

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As santas mulheres no sepulcro, Peter Paul Rubens

O Anjo da Ressurreição integra as hostes de anjos da ressurreição que “se ocupam da vitória das almas que estão ascendendo ao fogo sagrado de Deus!” Em 1977, este anjo poderoso falou sobre a sua missão:

Os anjos da ressurreição receberam do SENHOR Deus a atribuição de permanecer com os filhos e as filhas que aceleram a consciência invocando os fogos sagrados do coração, aumentando e acelerando no coração a luz do Pai, do Filho e do Espírito Santo, por meio do Magneto do Grande Sol Central.

Fomos nós os anjos que permaneceram à cabeceira e aos pés do corpo de Cristo, no sepulcro, cuidando daquele corpo precioso, como cuidadores da vida. Eu fui o anjo que anunciou a Madalena: ‘Ele não está aqui; já ressurgiu. Vem ver o lugar onde ele jazia.’[1]

The joy of resurrection is the joy of our heart as we keep the forcefield of Alpha and Omega for the son, the daughter of God who has earned the opportunity for the initiation of the resurrection. That son, then, is able to invoke and to magnetize by the fire of the heart and the fire of the sacred centers an accelerated momentum of resurrection’s fire, accelerating the cells and atoms in a coordinated manner chakra by chakra in a spherical motion that begins within the heart and in a clockwise direction extends to the chakras above and below the heart until the entire forcefield becomes a whirling sun of light.

And the acceleration, then, that is sustained by the consciousness of the son of God who is out of the body temple hovering over that lifeless form—that consciousness magnetizes a greater and greater momentum of the light of the I AM Presence until there is once again drawn forth from that I AM Presence the full momentum of the threefold flame anchored once again in the physical vehicle, and the one who was dead is restored to life.

This is the means of overcoming.... This is the initiation that is reenacted by the sons and daughters of God who come to the Temple of the Resurrection over the Holy Land and are received also at Luxor by Serapis Bey. This is the initiation that is conducted in the Great Pyramid in the etheric counterpart.

The Angel of the Resurrection says:

I have placed my feet within the tomb where He was lain. I have placed my feet on the rock. I have placed my hands upon the stone. I have seen his lifeless form, and I have seen him rise. I have seen him come forth through the open door, and I have seen that threefold flame restored and the light begin to pulsate and the form be filled with life. I am therefore the eyewitness to that event that has been questioned for two thousand years.... This is the victory that was and is for all.... We will teach you how to accelerate the fire of the resurrection, and we will be unto you guardian, friend and fellow servant.[2]

The resurrection flame is a powerful adjunct to healing. It can be invoked for resurrection, not only of the four lower bodies but also for the soul and spirit of men and nations and even the earth body itself.


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