Angels' Ascent

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Angels’ Ascent

Angels’ Ascent” is the new name for the landmark rock formation known as “Devils Slide” on Cinnabar Mountain facing the “East Gate” of the Inner Retreat. El Morya said of Angels’ Ascent:

Devils Slide, renamed Angels’ Ascent, is our focus at the Inner Retreat of The Summit Lighthouse and of the spiraling formation kept now in the etheric octave by angels in white bearing candles aflame. They do keep this victory vigil—and you will feel it as you approach the land. It is for that spiraling of the pilgrims that many have dreamed of, whose archetypal matrix is a part of the planetary body.[1]

He has also spoken of the Inner Retreat as “not the ‘earth, earthy’, but we would rather say the earth heavenly where angels have come to stay. They mount the Angels’ Ascent and do give vent, in exquisite articulation, the affirmation I AM THAT I AM Sanat Kumara. They praise the LORD in Victory’s vigil and keep the flame for your coming to our Home of homes.”[2]

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