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A term originally used by Austrian mystic and physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734–1815) to describe the energy field that surrounds all living things and by which he was able to exert a hypnotic influence on others. Actually, all people carry a magnetic forcefield that is determined by the rate of vibration of their own individual thoughts and feelings and records of past lives, both being recorded in the “electronic circle” or “electronic belt” of each lifestream.

We speak of “personal magnetism” or a “magnetic personality.” This is the intangible quality made up of the combination of many complex factors of the ego. However, there is only one true magnetism that is desirable, and that is the magnetism of the Christ who is the Polestar of each man’s being. All else is the glitter and glamour of the human—the maya of imperfection that should be handled daily.

Types of animal magnetism

For the purposes of simplification, we have categorized four types of animal magnetism. The records of personal imperfection in each one are the open doors through which these forces enter, gathering more of their kind from the accumulation of the mass karma of the race.

Malicious animal magnetism works through the subconscious, the etheric body. It is malice aforethought—conscious, willful and directed evil such as the many forms of hatred and jealousy that are the foundations of most criminal acts.

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Ignorant animal magnetism works through the mental body and manifests as many forms of density—slowness of mind and action, clogging and sluggishness in the functioning of the physical body, untidiness and dust in one’s surroundings, a tendency to have accidents and, in general, being out of step with life. Ignorant animal magnetism is the Antichrist—the mass effluvia of human creation that opposes the expansion of the Christ light throughout the world. Problems connected with mechanical failures and electrical mishaps can often be traced to this form of animal magnetism.

Sympathetic animal magnetism works through the emotional body and thus vibrates on the level of the astral plane. Human sympathy, personal attachments and involvements not based upon the Christ are among the manifestations of sympathetic animal magnetism. It is the most difficult form of animal magnetism to pin down and deal with because it always masquerades as some form of human concern, all the way from deep affection to neighborly kindness. However, when friendships become possessive and are based on what one individual can get from another, this can never lead to the freedom of the individual and his ascension in the Light.

Family mesmerism is one manifestation of animal magnetism; it involves the exertion of unwholesome control of one individual over another in the name of family ties. This name is often given to hypnotic ties whereby we allow ourselves to be open to energy of negativity coming from members of our families.

Delicious animal magnetism works through the physical body and involves overindulgence in the gratification of one or more of the five senses. The attainment of mastery must include balance in all areas of living. Prolonged abuses to the physical body such as gluttony, sexual excesses and perversions, the use of harmful stimulants such as alcohol, psychedelic drugs, dope and other unwholesome indulgences lead to physical disease, insanity and death. In many cases the results are carried over for several embodiments. When entire communities are involved, cataclysm is the end result.

Such manifestations of a lack of self-control not only indicate an absence of mastery, but also they are sins against the Holy Spirit, for they violate the temple of God and the sacredness of the life force. It is each one’s responsibility to maintain the purity of the life-stream that flows forth from the Presence twenty-four hours a day. To this end were the four lower bodies created, and that man might win his victory in the world of form. Mastery over the four lower bodies is mastery over the four elements (etheric—fire; mental—air; emotional—water; physical—earth).


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