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Como diretores do elemento ar, estas chamas gêmeas trabalham com as Doze hierarquias de Áries, Touro e Gêmeos, para ensinarem à humanidade a mestria do corpo mental, e com os hierarcas de Gêmeos, Libra e Aquário, para ensinarem a mestria do elemento ar.

Os amados Áries e Thor dirigem as atividades iluminadas provenientes da mente do Cristo, da inspiração e da respiração, da aspiração e expiração do sopro do Espírito Santo, e da purificação do elemento ar, da atmosfera e do cinto mental.

As sílfides que os assistem são elementais do ar que controlam os quatro ventos, a atmosfera e as nuvens. Uma vez que todos os elementais são imitadores por excelência, e as sílfides não são uma exceção, elas modelam as nuvens seguindo os padrões que observam nos planos físico, astral, mental e etérico da Terral Quando vemos figuras de anjos retratadas nas nuvens, sabemos que eles estão próximos, pois as sílfides viram-nos e formaram nuvens à sua imagem e semelhança. Da mesma forma, animais e monstros reproduzidos nas nuvens escuras, representam a discórdia da humanidade que grassa no mar astral e agita a vida elemental, impedindo-a de agir de acordo com a lei da harmonia. Os sinais dos tempos podem ser lidos nas atividades da vida elemental, que registram fielmente as ordens que anjos e homens transmitem à natureza.

Mark Prophet descreveu as sílfides da seguinte forma:

They’re beautiful. These are the type of fairies you see with the long golden hair and the rather thin, seraphic-type bodies, and they’re very curvaceous. They float through the air, and they’ll bend their whole body in different shapes. Sometimes the body is bent with the legs behind, trailing like a garment, and their arms are in graceful ballerina poses.

They have beautiful faces like the most beautiful women you can imagine, except that they are faces of purity. There’s nothing carnal or hard in their faces. The only exceptions are that certain sylphs take on the more human form and human attitudes when they are subjected to them.

Now, when the sylphs take on negative human attitudes and qualities of discord, they will desire to rid themselves of these by the use of centrifugal force. They will throw off the human vibration of hatred and anger by starting a whirling action in the air. They can whirl so fast that they can develop winds of a hundred and fifty miles an hour. That’s the power behind the hurricane.[1]

Theosophist E. L. Gardner gives this vivid description of elementals, and sylphs in particular. He says:

The natural “body” used by elementals seems to be a pulsing globe of light. Streams of force radiating from this center build up floating figures, “wings” of radiating energy, and filmy shapes of vaguely human likeness. In the more evolved forms the heads and eyes are always clearly distinguishable; often the whole figure is there, with a “center” of light blazing at the heart or head.

A sylph of this type might materialize into a beautiful male or female form for work ... among plants, animals, or even human beings, but its natural body is ... iridescent, changing, pulsating ... but not limited to a fixed or definite shape.[2]

The sylphs are bearers of the “prana of the Holy Spirit that is the very life breath of the soul.” They stand “with the Lord Maha Chohan as he breathes the breath of life into the newborn soul and as the threefold flame is rekindled once again upon the altar of the heart.” They are “the great transmitters of the currents of the Holy Spirit from heaven to earth” and they are “giant transformers, conductors of the currents of the mind of God unto the mind of man.”[3] The sylphs wash and purify the atmosphere and aerate the mind and heart and every cell of life.

It is important for mankind to give heartfelt prayers of gratitude to the sylphs and to call for their protection.

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