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The ascension chair is also known as the atomic accelerator. The ascension chair is a focus that is in the Royal Teton Retreat; there is also such an atomic accelerator in the Cave of Light, the Great Divine Director’s retreat in India. That forcefield of acceleration helps those at inner levels to accelerate their light and their consciousness and to pass their final initiations for the ascension.

Chelas who have passed certain initiations are bidden to sit in the atomic accelerator to have the atoms and molecules of the four lower bodies stepped up by the currents of the ascension flame in preparation for the ritual of the return, the alchemical marriage that is the soul's reunion with the Spirit.


Initiates of the Brotherhood who have proven their merit by service and devotion to the light and who have already balanced a considerable amount of their karma are allowed to sit in this chair for a length of time prescribed by the master Saint Germain and the Lords of Karma. By accelerating the light frequency in the four lower bodies, a portion of one’s karma is balanced and a portion of one’s misqualified substance is thrown off by the centrifugal action produced by the revolving electrons and transmuted by the sacred fire.

The purpose of the ascension chair is further described by Sanat Kumara:

By means of this astounding apparatus invented by Saint Germain, the ascension flame spirals through atoms, cells, and molecules of sheath upon sheath of the outer and inner consciousness, preparing them for the ritual of consummate love whereby the soul is wed to Spirit in the actual ascension.

This light intensifying in the soul who is servant of the Most High—who has balanced at least fifty-one percent of her karma and concluded her round of earthly incarnations—is that grace of the Lord (the Christ who is Guru) whereby the words and works of the chela are stepped up, up, up beyond the earthly orbit and the laws of atomic weight, density, and gravitation until the soul is, as it were, “free floating” in the octaves of Spirit. Thus, for those who have earned the ascension, the ascended masters provide this and other magnificent tools for the implementation of the victory.[1]


Godfré Ray King in his book The Magic Presence describes the acceleration experienced by four disciples of Saint Germain with the assistance of the ascension chair:

[Daniel] Rayborn seated himself, and a dazzling blue-white Light blazed forth crystal clear. In perhaps ten minutes, his flesh looked perfectly transparent. Slowly, a current of vivid blue moved up his spine, and met the combined currents of the pineal gland, pituitary body, and the base of the brain, forming into a Dazzling Golden Light, encircled by the most vivid blue I have ever seen. Then, by the very power of his own Light, he arose and stepped forth from the chair, and as he did so, he seemed to float rather than walk.

Pearl took her place in the chair. In less than five minutes, her form completely disappeared, so dazzling was the White Light. This lasted possibly ten minutes, before she emerged from it. As she stepped down from the chair, the Light followed, as if to caress her.

Next came Rex. At first, there was a glow of soft rose Light, gradually changing into gold, blue, and then an intense white, with a glorious tint of blue still remaining. His form did not entirely disappear from view, but in about ten minutes he stepped down from the chair, his eyes ablaze with the Light of the “Mighty I AM Presence.”

Nada seated herself, and instantly the Light became a dazzling sun, and her form completely disappeared within its wondrous glow. Presently, she seemed to float, so lightly did she step from the chair, and Rays of intense Light continued to dart forth from the upper part of her body for some time.

Lastly, I took my place. I felt a million points of Light pierce my flesh, as the greater force from within the electrons was released through the atomic structure. At first, I wanted to jump right out of the body I was using, and claim the full Freedom of my “Mighty I AM Presence.” Soon, I became adjusted to it, and then a feeling of the most joyous exaltation filled my entire being—a sensation no words can describe.[2]

Means of operation

Saint Germain further stated that the atomic accelerator was “a mechanical way of quickening the atomic vibration of the human body ... and assisting to raise it into the pure Electronic Body which Jesus referred to as the seamless [garment] or the bridal garment of the Spirit....

It will be used a great deal in the future to assist in raising the physical flesh atom into its divine purity and structure—the Electronic Body. This [Electronic] Body remains forever, eternally youthful, beautiful, strong, perfect, and free from every conceivable limitation. In this body, individuals can and do function wherever they choose in the universe, for in it there are no barriers of time, place, space, nor condition....

This amazing, real, physical machine is a mighty healing agent—as well as a means by which the body can be raised. It also quickly establishes perfect equilibrium in the brain structure, and through the balancing of the mental and emotional activities of a human being, dishonesty and crime of every kind can be prevented. It was used on Atlantis, although it was less perfect.... There is no invention or discovery that has [blessed] or ever will bless mankind to so great a degree.[3]

Consecrate your own ascension chair

If possible, set aside a chair that is used only during your meditations and invocations. Consecrate this chair by the momentum of your heart flame as a focus of the atomic accelerator that is used by the ascended masters in the Cave of Symbols.


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