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(Del sánscrito budh «despierto», «saber», «percibir».) Buda significa «el iluminado». Denota una función en la jerarquía espiritual de mundos que se alcanza al pasar ciertas iniciaciones del fuego sagrado, entre ellas las de los siete rayos del Espíritu Santo y las de los cinco rayos secretos, la de la elevación del Rayo Femenino (el fuego sagrado de la Kundalini) y la de la «maestría del siete en los siete multiplicado por el poder del diez».

Buda Gautama

Artículo principal: Gautama Buda

Gautama attained the enlightenment of the Buddha twenty-five centuries ago, a path he had pursued through many previous embodiments culminating in his forty-nine-day meditation under the Bo tree; hence he is called Gautama, the Buddha. He holds the office of Lord of the World, sustaining, by his causal body and threefold flame, the divine spark and consciousness in the evolutions of earth approaching the path of personal Christhood. His aura of Love/Wisdom ensouling the planet issues from his incomparable devotion to the Divine Mother. He is the hierarch of Shamballa, the original retreat of Sanat Kumara now on the etheric plane over the Gobi Desert. On April 18, 1981, the beloved Gautama Buddha established his Western Shamballa in America’s wilderness at the northern border of Yellowstone National Park at the Inner Retreat of the Royal Teton Ranch.

Lord Maitreya

Main article: Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ, has also passed the initiations of the Buddha. He is the long-awaited Coming Buddha who has come to the fore to teach all who have departed from the way of the Great Guru, Sanat Kumara, from whose lineage both he and Gautama descended.

Other Buddhas

In the history of the planet, there have been numerous Buddhas who have served the evolutions of mankind through the steps and stages of the path of the Bodhisattva. In the East Jesus is referred to as the Buddha Issa. He is the World Saviour by the Love/Wisdom of the Godhead.

In the 1960s, nine unascended lifestreams who had passed the initiations of the Buddha volunteered to embody to assist the evolutions of earth during their difficult and dangerous transition into the age of Aquarius. Their world service will be recognized when they have reached the age of the Christic and Buddhic example, age thirty-three to thirty-six.

On January 1, 1983, Gautama Buddha announced that nine Buddhas who had been in nirvana for nine hundred years were descending the shaft of light to enter the hearts of nine individuals upon this planet and, by their Electronic Presence, to enter the forcefield of thousands of dedicated hearts. Gautama also released the dispensation that every prayer, mantra, and chant of devotees of Christ and Buddha from that time on would be multiplied by the power of the heart of Gautama and the nine Buddhas.

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