Buddha of the Ruby Ray

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The ruby ray is an intense action of divine love. The being called the Buddha of the Ruby Ray has the Buddhic mastery of this intense action of divine love.

He was sent long ago by Sanat Kumara and Gautama Buddha to abide in the secret chamber of God in the heart of the earth. In 1988, the Buddha of the Ruby Ray spoke of his acceptance of this assignment:

Think back now upon the day when you did see me, as from Shamballa I went forth.... All did watch as staff in hand, ruby-ray focus about my neck, I did enter a cave and I did begin to walk and I did walk to the center of the earth.... I was told in that hour and all heard it, “You shall not come forth until there be those on the surface of the earth who can hold the balance for the attainment that shall be thine own.” So, beloved, you might say that I have been confined to hold the nucleus of a planet at the mercy of such as yourselves until you should arrive at the place of a similar love for the ruby ray.[1]

In 1989, Cuzco announced that the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, in answer to the call of the Keepers of the Flame, had literally walked step by step from the center of the earth to be present and to assist us in dealing with the negative forces at hand. This Buddha has angels of fiery intensity who maintain a cave of ruby light in the heart of the earth beneath the Royal Teton Ranch. His angels are available at all times to cut away and purge the density brought about by improper diet, poor choices in music, improper consciousness and the saturation of the mind with entities.

The Buddha of the Ruby Ray has given us a gift of a droplet of ruby ray, which he said could be retained by us only if we keep the flame of internal love and harmony. He said:

I come to reinforce Buddhic presence in your heart and leave indeed a replica, in outline only, of my form that you may fill in as you become the Buddha and see me mirrored in self. For I desire to live on the surface of earth in the hearts of true devotees of the Buddha. It is my prayer that you will accord me this to make my wish come true.[2]

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