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<translate> Part of a series of articles on the</translate>
<translate> Science of
the Spoken Word</translate>

   <translate> Main article</translate>   
<translate> Spoken Word</translate>

   <translate> Forms of the spoken Word</translate>   
<translate> Affirmation</translate>
<translate> Call</translate>
<translate> Chant</translate>
<translate> Decree</translate>
<translate> Fiat</translate>
<translate> Invocation</translate>
<translate> Mantra</translate>
<translate> Prayer</translate>

   <translate> Eastern forms</translate>   
<translate> AUM</translate>
<translate> Bhajan</translate>
<translate> Bija mantra</translate>
<translate> Golden Mantra</translate>
<translate> Om mani padme hum</translate>

   <translate> Western forms</translate>   
<translate> Hail Mary</translate>
<translate> Rosary</translate>

   <translate> Specific rituals</translate>   
<translate> Mother Mary’s Circle of Light</translate>
<translate> Fourteenth Rosary</translate>
<translate> Archangel Michael’s Rosary</translate>
<translate> Ritual of the Resurrection Flame</translate>
<translate> Kuan Yin’s Crystal Rosary</translate>

   <translate> Related topics</translate>   
<translate> Violet flame</translate>
<translate> Violet-flame decrees</translate>
<translate> Balance of violet-flame and blue-flame decrees</translate>
<translate> Pranayama</translate>
<translate> Djwal Kul's breathing exercise</translate>

n. a demand, a claim, a request or command to come or be present; an instance of asking for something; the act of summoning the Lord, or the Lord’s summoning of his offspring. “And the LORD God called unto Adam and said unto him, Where art thou?” (Gen. 3:9) “Out of Egypt have I called my son!” (Matt. 2:15)

To call: vb. to speak in a loud or distinct voice so as to be heard at a distance; to recall from death or the astral plane, e.g., “Lazarus, come forth!”; to utter in a loud or distinct voice; to announce or read loudly or authoritatively.

The call is the most direct means of communication between man and God, and God and man, frequently used in an emergency; e.g., O God, help me! Archangel Michael, take command!

The byword of the initiate is “The call compels the answer.” “He shall call upon me and I will answer him.” (Ps. 91:15) “They called upon the Lord, and he answered them.” (Ps. 99:6)

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