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In a dictation given July 3, 1976, the Ascended Master Godfre, speaking on behalf of the Great Divine Director and the Karmic Board, ratified the Supreme Court decision affirming the death penalty in the United States. The teaching of the Great Divine Director on this subject was summarized in a dictation given April 15, 1981, by Lord Lanto:

The Karmic Board approves of the death penalty, for it represents a lesson to souls: that if they continue to take life, life will be taken from them. It teaches them that the end of the road of their activity is the second death; and by losing that physical life and being reborn again, they have the deepest record in their soul to reinforce in them the will to resist the marauding entities of evil that take over their temples to destroy life....

The Lords of Karma realize that the soul that goes through that ultimate punishment will be given very quickly an opportunity to reincarnate. And on the record of that soul will be that record of the judgment.[1]

Archangel Uriel on March 30, 1983, spoke about the necessity for “capital punishment and the death sentence” in the case of “those who have taken life and are not in any way penitent.... The new beginning is the only hope for such individuals. And the only lesson whereby they may be deterred from the same crime again is to know the loss of their own life.”[2]

The mercy of the death penalty

Beloved Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, speaks of the mercy of the death penalty:

If the crime requires the death penalty, [then so be it]. But if it requires a long-term sentence, let there be the discovery of means whereby these individuals can work usefully in society under some type of control, else let them pass from the screen of life and begin over again quickly. [For this is more merciful] than [consigning them] to those prisons that require maximum security, where they are placed with hardened criminals and therefore become hardened and spend a life in prison, where their own lives are endangered because of those murders that happen inside the prison walls. [Yet, for some, even this seeming injustice is a karmic necessity].[3]

There is the balancing of a great deal of karma in the death penalty, which is merciful to the soul. The soul who has gone through this can receive education at inner levels and renewed opportunity to re-embody, to be in a new home, and to start all over again instead of rotting away in prison for fifty years or more.

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