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Cardinal Bonzano

Cardinal Bonzano lived in Chicago and made his ascension after his passing in 1927. He was a prelate of the Roman Catholic Church for many years. During his service as a priest, he saw the violet flame while in meditation. At a certain point in giving his devotions, the violet flame became a living part of him, day in and day out. Through the violet flame and his service, he was able to transmute enough of his karma to earn his ascension.

Since his ascension, Cardinal Bonzano has said:

Prior to my ascension, as an officer of the Holy Church to which I then belonged, I aspired with all my heart to secure from the hand of God all the wonders that his love could convey. And so I was taught inwardly the law of the violet flame, and I knew an inward communion with Saint Germain, which has been given to other princes of the Church on occasion.

I was able to be subsequently raised to the position of an ascended being to surround the beloved Master Jesus, and I consider this a supreme tribute of heaven. But as most of us are not satisfied to merely enjoy the wonders of heaven, we continue to convey our love and service to mankind in many ways. Myriad angels beam their light earthward each day bearing messages of love from our councils and from the councils of even stars beyond your ken.[1]

Vaivasvata Manu spoke of the ascension of Cardinal Bonzano:

This is the goal of every man—to attain his ascension in the light. But the ascension in the light, while it is a gift to every man, requires some application. The Great Cosmic Law has at various times given the ascension to those who did not have the full training in this particular activity—some of you are familiar with Cardinal Bonzano, and you realize that he made his ascension in the light. But nevertheless, this particular and specific teaching, the invocation of the sacred fire by decrees, is calculated by the ascended masters to provide immeasurable success and opportunity to those who will practice its teachings and principles.

While individuals may occasionally make their ascension from outside this activity, that does not mean that this way is not swift, valuable and priceless. And therefore, I urge you by all the love of the ascended masters, by all the love of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, to cherish this opportunity to hear our words, to walk in this light, and to expand the light flame within you until in harmony with the universal oneness of God, it becomes at peace with the universal harmony present within all.[2]

We may call to Cardinal Bonzano (as well as to Pope Pius XII, Pope John XXIII, Padre Pio, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, Mother Cabrini, Saint Bernadette, and the many others who have ascended after their final embodiments of service in the Roman Catholic Church) for the enlightenment of the Catholic hierarchy and the freedom of the devout from all fear and ignorance of the true teachings of Christ.


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