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Among the spiritually elect of God upon earth, there are those who are masters and celibates, and there are those who are masters and family members. Down through the ages it has been necessary to bring avatars into existence upon the planet and to secure their transfer from higher octaves of light into the world of form. Naturally it is more desirable to have them come through those who are themselves spiritually prepared to receive these incoming children.

Celibacy and marriage

Gautama Buddha explains that the paths of celibacy and of marriage both require a dedication to the Flame and to raising the Light:

Let all, then, arrest the spirals of unnecessary indulgence in the senses. Let all understand that there is a necessary balance that must be held by the devotees—the very precious balance of Light that is held in the chakras. We must, therefore, have a certain number of those who take the vow of celibacy who become the white light of the crown of the Buddha and the Mother, that these might keep the balance for those who must tend the fires upon the altar of the family.

Let those, then, who remain priest and priestess at the altar understand that it is not necessary to look to the right and to the left seeking that companionship of the husband or the wife. But let those who are able know that this flame of the exaltation of purity must be held fervently, fervently with hope,... and that this high calling of the sons and daughters of God is reserved for those who see the requirement of the hour for constancy, for the release of the ruby ray, for energies that must be ready at the moment’s notice for the defense of the Mother.

Let those, then, who keep the flame of family do so with consecration; and let not the flame of family be the opportunity or the excuse for the indulgence in lust, but let it be for the purity of the Virgin and for the attraction of the very highest souls. Let families, then, not be formed simply for the sake and in the name of giving birth to souls, but let families be formed for the higher consecration of love that will attract the avatars that are to be born....

Let selfishness, then, be exposed. Let indulgence be exposed. And let those who are father and mother to the precious ones know that they are not excluded from the path of celibacy. They, too, may pursue the rituals and the initiations of the raising of the light and the consecration of that light. For after all, ye are not bound or in bondage but ye are free to be the Allness of God whenever you choose to be. And therefore, let the consecration of Light be your goal, and let the transmutation of all of the rituals of love in the marriage be the goal of this ritual—the raising, the exaltation, the consecration of new fires.[1]

The holiness of marriage

There is a need for spiritual orders after the priesthood of Melchizedek of men and women who take vows to be married to the Christ and to the Divine Mother. Unfortunately, this teaching has been misinterpreted by the Catholic Church and other churches that proclaim that the state of celibacy is holier and higher than that of marriage and therefore require priests to be celibate.

Jesus sanctified human marriage by his presence at marriage feast in Cana of Galilee. To deny the holiness of the married state is to deny Jesus’ sanctification of marriage and that of Saint Paul, who also proclaimed the holiness of the married state (while pointing out that celibacy was to be preferred if it could be kept).

The view of the Catholic Church view that celibacy is holier than marriage denies the very heart of the sacrament of marriage celebrated by the Church itself. The imposition of a requirement of celibacy for priests has denied them the strength and protection that would be afforded in their service by their union in holy matrimony.

The problem of priestly celibacy in the Catholic Church

Mother Mary has explained that this requirement of celibacy is at the root of many of the problems of the Catholic Church. She said that when celibacy is forced on the clergy without an understanding of the true spiritual teaching behind it or how to maintain it, how to raise up the sacred fire on the altar of the spine of the temple of being, the results can be disastrous. She said:

You find, then, that where the spiritual teaching as practiced in the Far East is not a part of the goal of celibacy, the end of that celibacy is far more heinous than the lawful marriage that is also ordained for those clergy outside of the Roman Church.... The misuse of the sacred fire, unlawfully according to the Laws of God, does place those priests outside of their vows, outside of a sense of personal dignity and truly outside of the holiness of the altar....

Blessed hearts, it is good to place before oneself goals and self-discipline. Even the path of celibacy may be put on by married couples for a season of devotion, fasting and prayer, [voluntarily, by mutual consent]. These cycles, then, of conjugal love side by side with an acceleration of the marriage to the living Christ can therefore allow the individual to be balanced, to retain dignity, to know the beauty of family life yet not to be deprived of the priesthood of holy orders.

Even so, the ancient prophets were married. Even so, some who later became saints and came apart from the world were married in the beginning, such as Siddhartha. And you know, beloved, that my own Son shared a beautiful love with his twin flame, Magda, who held the balance for him, even as I did, as he pursued a mission of immensity, holding the sacred fire of the Divine Mother in the full mastery of his chakras.[2]

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