Cha Ara

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Cha Ara is the son of lady master Meta. In his last embodiment he lived in Persia as Meta’s son. In this life, he gained mastery over his physical form, which he maintained for several hundred years. An adept of the fifth ray, he produced the elixir of life and used it not only to sustain his own form but also for the healing of others.

Cha Ara is intimately associated with the victory of the light on the American continent and came forth to assist Saint Germain in revealing to the children of God in embodiment those teachings that are necessary for their cooperation with the Brotherhood in bringing in the golden age. He is fulfilling his destiny as a guardian of the youth of America and the world that they might be prepared to bring forth the Holy Christ children and the seventh root race in South America.

Cha Ara works with Chananda and the Indian Council of the Great White Brotherhood. He calls us to an understanding of the mysteries of the sacred fire and the path of Zarathustra. Saint Germain speaks of his sense of joy.


Chananda now heads a department of instruction on healing and precipitation in the Royal Teton Retreat and conducts classes there. He also serves in the Persian Retreat.


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