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The New Jerusalem; archetype of golden-age, etheric cities of light that exist even now on the etheric plane (in heaven) and are waiting to be lowered into physical manifestation (on earth). Saint John the Revelator saw the descent of the Holy City as the immaculate geometry of that which is to be and now is in the invisible realms of light: “And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven.”[1] Thus, in order that this vision and prophecy be fulfilled Jesus taught us to pray with the authority of the spoken Word, “Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!”

Metaphysically speaking, the City Foursquare is the mandala of the four planes and the quadrants of the Matter universe; the four sides of the Great Pyramid of Christ’s consciousness focused in the Matter spheres. The twelve gates are gates of Christ’s consciousness marking the lines and the degrees of the initiations he has prepared for his disciples. The twelve gates are the open doors to the twelve qualities of the Cosmic Christ sustained by the twelve solar hierarchies (who are emanations of the Universal Christ) on behalf of all who are endued with the Spirit’s all-consuming fiery Love, all who would in grace “enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise.”[2]

Unascended souls may invoke the mandala of the City Foursquare for the fulfillment of the Christ consciousness, as Above, so below. The City Foursquare contains the blueprint of the solar (soul) identity of the 144,000 archetypes of the sons and daughters of God necessary to focus the Divine Wholeness of his consciousness in a given dispensation. The light of the city is emitted from the I AM Presence; that of the Lamb, the Cosmic Christ, from the Christ Self. The jewels are the 144 focuses and frequencies of light anchored in the chakras of the Cosmic Christ.

Cyclopea spoke of the City Foursquare in a dictation on July 5, 1970:

I am this night painting before you the vision of the Holy City, the magnificent City Foursquare, the divine kingdom that shall come upon earth even as you keep the flame. And whenever you see reports of problems, of crises, of injustices in your newspapers, I am calling by the power of Elohim in the name of Almighty God with the permission of your Holy Christ Selves that that vision of the City Foursquare shall flash forth from your consciousness into the world, into that situation, into the problem areas as a divine matrix of the cosmic cube, that City Foursquare that is the key to each man's overcoming, the key to the ascension of the very planet itself.

The Retreat of the Divine Mother

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Mother Mary has also spoken of the City Foursquare:

The foundation of thy being and pyramid of Life is indeed one by one the City Foursquare. And the Holy City which John beheld descending out of heaven—that city, beloved, is the citadel of higher consciousness of every man’s being in the vast reaches of the Great Causal Body. Collectively that great City Foursquare is the vastness of the Retreat of the Divine Mother on etheric octaves where the true City of Light is, where the golden age does reign.[3]

North America

The ascended masters have called North America the map of the “City Foursquare,” the Place Prepared and the Promised Land for the reincarnation of the seed of light of Abraham. God and Goddess Meru have said:

We are determined to reverse the tide by a strong and united City Foursquare of United States and Canada. And this larger square, finding its heart in the Inner Retreat, will be the very base and stronghold of the powers of Light and the chelas to move forth and roll back the entire momentum and the effect of the Four Horsemen when they are spent.[4]

In the Great Central Sun

There is also a City Foursquare in the Great Central Sun. On April 11, 1971, Omega said:

I come, then, to kindle the flame anew, to give vision and perspective, to give orientation to the divine plan and to resurrect within you the memory of your original vows taken before the altar of the Most High God, the central altar in the City Foursquare, within the cathedral there, where the great organ played the keynote of your God flame as you entered the rings of the crystal fire mist and proceeded forth into the houses of the hierarchies of the sun, descending therefrom through cycles of infinity into cycles of time and space.


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