Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness

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Inaugurated by Pallas Athena on June 30, 1976. In a momentous dictation delivered in Washington, D.C., at the Freedom Class of Higher Consciousness, she said:

I dedicate this conference to the Coming Revolution. Call me a revolutionary if you will, and I will say: “Yes, I AM!” I AM the Goddess of Truth! I AM the incarnation of the feminine ray! I AM at the front of the battle!... I AM in this land the fervor of Truth. I AM touching the spectrum of consciousness from the left unto the right. I AM touching all who love freedom and truth and those who do not. For I will not be turned back....

From this day and forevermore, I claim you for the cause of Truth because you have made that cause your own. In the living flame of Truth, I am grateful for your love of Truth, of Liberty, for your courage and your self-sacrifice. I am grateful, and I bow before the flame of Truth within you. And I will use that flame to light a nation and to light a world!

During the years since Pallas Athena announced the Coming Revolution, the messenger stumped more than one hundred cities across America and Canada as well as cities in Ghana, Liberia, India, Europe, the British Isles, Australia, the Philippines, Mexico and South America. She also conducted numerous seminars, lectures and classes at the Royal Teton Ranch and across America.


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