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An island-like forcefield on the astral plane where souls who have totally denied the flame of life in both Creator and creation are quarantined so that they cannot contaminate the planes of Matter. They are not released from the compound until they have repented of their nihilistic tendencies. Because of their arch-rebellion and their rejection of the ministrations of the angelic hosts, some have been confined for thousands of years.

In a dictation delivered through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet on November 4, 1966, Saint Germain explained why there is such rebellion among the youth of the world against the codes of society. Saint Germain said:

In the domain of the human family a fierce breed has arisen.... Many of these young people ... were actually, because of their corrupted nature, not permitted to embody for generations after generations but were held in what amounts to chambers of darkness, bound and prevented from manifestation upon the screen of life lest they should once again become bad apples in the barrel to spoil others.

Now the law has been fulfilled and come full cycle, and therefore a whole crop has been dumped upon this generation.... They are linking themselves together, encouraging corruption among others of the youth of the world and rebelling against that code of humanity which has become so very much a part of jurisprudence in the world of form.


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