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The Dark Cycle began on April 23, 1969, and marked the beginning of the cycle of the intensification of the return of karma.

In this period of transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian age, the Great Law requires that the evolutions of planet earth deal directly with the momentums of personal and planetary karma set aside for centuries by the grace of God through his Sons incarnate (i.e., Jesus Christ and other avatars). In the face of the same propensity for darkness prevalent before the Flood, when “the wickedness of man was great in the earth” and “every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually,”[1] the Lords of Karma decreed this action in order to deter an even greater abuse of Life’s opportunity and to forestall that cataclysm which may be the ultimate consequence of the rising tide of world sin.

On August 20, 1969, the messengers explained that “the coming of the Dark Cycle simply means that the hand of mercy that for centuries has stood between mankind and their own dark deeds has been withdrawn. The law of God will bring swift and compelling judgment to those who have thought they could flaunt the law.” Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.[2]

Charting the Dark Cycle on the Cosmic Clock, we place April 23, 1969, in Capricorn on the 12 o’clock line, progressing it one line each year moving clockwise.

Transmuting the karma of the Dark Cycle

In his 1992 New Year’s Eve address, Gautama Buddha announced that henceforth on the twenty-third of each month there would descend upon every creature on earth “a fine powder,... a dust of karma.”[3] Gautama said that much of this karma could be transmuted by the violet flame.

Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst remind us to prepare for the twenty-third of each month:

It is well to give extra calls to the violet flame on the twenty-second and throughout the day of the twenty-third that you might transmute karma before it settles into the pores of your skin.... Karma is a fine soot ... and it crystallizes as it falls, deadening the soul faculties and dulling the brain. And unless you are alert, you will not recall the greater mental and spiritual clarity you had before that added layer of karma descended upon you.[4]

Saint Germain speaks of a dispensation whereby we may transmute this karma:

On the twenty-third of each month an increment of mankind’s karma descends upon every unascended lifestream who is karmically tied to earth’s evolutions. The gravity of this karma cannot be overestimated. The antidote, again, is your violet-flame decrees multiplied by your good works. For the Great Law has spoken:

Those who faithfully give three hours or more of violet-flame decrees on the twenty-third of each month specifically for the transmutation of their personal karma shall clean escape their personal karma of the Dark Cycle for the given month.

Those who faithfully give nine hours or more of violet-flame decrees on the twenty-third of each month specifically for the transmutation of planetary karma shall clean escape the planetary karma of the Dark Cycle for the given month.

This, my beloved, is an unheard-of dispensation! Come hell or high water, as they say, do not allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of your oneness with me on the twenty-third of each month until the hour of your ascension![5]

If we can keep 90% of our focus either on the violet flame or the I AM Presence, we will receive the original fifteen-minute dispensation of Omri-Tas and all other violet flame dispensations that Saint Germain has given. This means that our thoughts, our emotions, and our feelings cannot stray: we must have the one-pointed discipline of seeing the violet flame or seeing a representative of the violet flame.

If we maintain two full hours of at least 90% concentration on the violet flame, we will so multiply our decrees by Saint Germain’s and Omri-Tas’ dispensations that we will have achieved the equivalent of twelve hours and thereby we will realize the transmutation of our personal karma and we will escape the planetary karma of the Dark Cycle for the given month.

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