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[Hindi, from Sanskrit darshana, “seeing,” “looking at”] According to the Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion, every encounter with a Guru or holy person can be regarded as darshan. The ascended masters teach that darshan is the holy sight of the Guru, through whom the light of God flows. It is communion with the ascended masters through the messenger’s “mantle” (i.e., auric, or electromagnetic, field placed upon them by the ascended masters), which brings blessings of holiness, purification, the transfer of light and the initiation of spirals of God consciousness within the chakras.

“If thine eye [the attention and concentration through the third eye] be single [single-minded, stayed upon the I AM Presence, upon the Holy Christ Self and the ascended masters], thy whole body shall be full of light [the universal Christ consciousness].”[1] This promise of Jesus to his disciples then and now is the reward for the devotee’s “clear seeing” of the Guru. A dictation from an ascended master is the highest form of darshan.


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