Divine right of kings

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Originally the sons of God were ordained to rule the children of light as the true shepherd kings. In the tradition of Melchizedek, Priest of Salem, they were to bear the Christed flame as the anointed ones, rulers in righteousness—the “right use” of the laws of God—and exemplars of the way of peace. By and by, the mighty men of old[1]—the fallen angels who took embodiment after their Great Rebellion against the sons of God—usurped the divine authority of the incarnated sons, ousted them from office by murder, kidnapping, wars, or intermarriage and ruled unrighteously, engaging in continual warfare.

In modern time, good kings and bad reflected the wisdom of Solomon and the extravagances of the gods at the expense of the people. The divine right by which the individual derives the authority to rule himself wisely and act as a capable administrator of the government and economy of nations as a true representative of the people is by the “hidden man of the heart”[2], the Holy Christ Self, whose mantle and sacred fire he willingly bears by sacrifice and surrender to God’s will, selflessness and a life of service.


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