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In 1974, the ascended master Hilarion announced the dispensation of the emerald-teal ray for “for the sealing of the mental body and the minds of mankind in a forcefield of a brilliant emerald-teal light.”

He said:

I come from the deliberations of a session of the Karmic Board with the Keeper of the Scrolls, with the beings of the elements, the healing masters and with cosmic beings who are concerned for the fate of mankind.

Our perceptions of the population of the planet we lay before you, our deliberations and our conclusions. First and foremost, there has never been a time in human history when mankind have been so plagued by disease of every form. Often these are diseases which are not perceptible to the people themselves, for they are the diseases of the mind, the diseases of character, diseases within the subconscious. This energy of malfunction, of disturbance, of an unnatural activity within the cells of the body of God on earth is reaching alarming proportions; in fact, an alarm that has sounded across the cosmos itself....

Examining the world scene and world conditions in this light, we set about to propose solutions to the problem. First and foremost, we perceive that a guardian action of the mind of mankind is required. And therefore, the dispensation was invoked and granted from cosmic councils for a special legion of angels who serve closely with the Mercurians to come forth for the sealing of the mental body and the minds of mankind in a forcefield of a brilliant emerald-teal light—a light glowing now as green, now as an aspect of the hue of blue. This sealing action is a very fine line of Mercurial energy around the chakras of the crown and the third eye and the head area, protecting, then, and sealing the consciousness of mankind from the projections of the astral hordes, not only of this planet in this system, but of other hordes that have perceived the victory nigh on Terra....

Therefore, the dispensation, then, of the sealing of the mind is at hand. Now then, I ask that those who are in embodiment as devotees of the sacred fire understand that with every dispensation comes the responsibility to reinforce it from this level through invocation in the name of the Christ.

Will you remember, then, when all else fails—especially when you find that somehow there is a distortion in your mind, in your vision, in your ability to cope with life—that you instantaneously invoke, in the name of Jesus the Christ, the sealing of the mind with the dispensation of the emerald-teal ray?[1]

A prayer to invoke the dispensation

Here is a prayer that can be used to invoke this dispensation:

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, beloved Hilarion and legions of healing angels, in the name of Jesus the Christ, I invoke the dispensation of the emerald-teal ray.

I call for the special legion of angels assigned to this task to seal my mind and mental body in a forcefield of brilliant emerald-teal light to reinforce the Christ consciousness and to protect my mind, my vision and my ability to cope with life. Lock this light of healing around my consciousness, and bring forth the logic of the divine mind that it might mesh with my lower mental body, brain, chakras and central nervous system.

This which I call forth for myself, I call forth for all mankind according to God’s holy will.[2]


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  2. Prayer composed by staff of Summit University based on Hilarion’s dictation.