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The English language is a descendant of a high Atlantean tongue, which comes from angelic tongues. It was chosen by the Brotherhood to be the language in which they would release the teachings of the I AM to the world.

England is Angleterre in the French, “angel land,” and the British Isles are an ancient focus of descent of angels of light. English is the language on earth that is closest to a pure angelic tongue, and this is why the ascended masters can use this language to convey their teachings—it has the purest symbolism.

English, Hebrew and Sanskrit are key languages. Ancient Greek is key because the New Testament was written in Greek. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew, and the original Hebrew is very close to an angelic tongue. Sanskrit is also an angelic tongue. Those are the languages in which are hidden the greatest truths of the prophets—they are a meditation on the Word. Understanding Sanskrit gives you a greater understanding of God, and that is also true of the English language.

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