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[Literally “existing thing”] Defined as “an independent, separate or self-contained existence.”

Discarnate entities (or disembodied spirits, as they are commonly referred to) are made up of the personality consciousness, as it expresses through the astral, mental or etheric bodies, of lifestreams who have passed through the change called death.

A discarnate entity is either (1) the astral body that has been separated from the physical, mental and etheric bodies; (2) the mental body, separated from the other three and wandering perhaps in the astral plane, perhaps in the mental or etheric plane; (3) the etheric body moving with the soul (the personality consciousness) in any of the lower planes; or (4) any combination of the astral, mental or etheric bodies functioning with or without the soul as a unit in any of the lower planes.

Mass entities are forcefields of humanly misqualified energy, the thought and feeling creations of unascended man—the accumulation of mankind’s momentums of hatred, violence, war, greed, envy, grief, fear, lust, gossip, and the like. These entities, as islands of darkness, float in the astral belt and are moved about on the grid of the field of human consciousness by diabolical forces that direct these pools of dark power against unsuspecting lifestreams.

See also

Annihla, the suicide entity.

For more information

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Path to Immortality, ch. 4, “Entities.”


Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Path to Immortality, ch. 4, “Entities.”