Обитель Эриила в Аризоне

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Вершины Сан-Франциско, горный хребет в Аризоне

Вознесенный Владыка Эриил владеет эфирной обителью над штатом Аризона. Она находится недалеко от эфирного города, расположенного над пустынями Аризоны. В горах есть физический аванпост этой обители.

Тайная долина

In the book Unveiled Mysteries, Godfré Ray King tells of meeting a gentleman who had received an invitation to visit this retreat, along with a diagram and directions to be followed. This gentleman described his experience to Godfré:

I saw this would lead me into the high mountains southeast of Tucson, Arizona. I made preparation to go at once, saying to my friends I was going to do a little prospecting. I took a horse and pack animal, finding very little discomfort and no difficulty in following the directions given. If I could have gone as the crow flies, I would easily have covered the distance in two days.

Just before sundown of the third day, I came to a blind canyon and would have passed it unnoticed, if it had not been for the diagram. I had just made camp, when it became dark. I rolled up in my blankets and soon dropped off to sleep, dreaming most vividly, of waking in the morning and seeing a young man, standing near by looking at me.

When I did awaken, to my astonishment, there stood the young man in real life, looking at me intently. He greeted me with a beautiful smile, saying:

“My friend, you are expected to follow me.” I noticed, he had my things in readiness and turning without further discussion, led the way toward the head of the canyon. After about an hour, we came to a stop because of a cliff that seemed to close the way before us.

He turned, placed his hands upon the rock, and pressed against it. A section of the wall, perhaps ten by twelve feet, moved in to a depth of about one foot and then slid to one side. We entered a tunnel that centuries ago must have been the bed of an underground water-course. My companion closed the entrance behind us and, as we turned to go forward, a soft radiance spread everywhere, so we could see quite clearly. I was astonished at all I saw but I remembered the admonition I had received in my instruction, “to be silent.”

We continued in the tunnel for more than an hour, and finally came to a massive metal door. This opened slowly at my companion’s touch. He stood aside, and waited for me to pass through. I stepped out into the bright sunlight, almost breathless with delight at the beauty of the scene before me. Ahead of us, lay a valley of surpassing loveliness, about a hundred acres in extent.

“My Friend,” said the young man, “you have returned home after a long absence, all of which you shall soon understand.” He then led the way to a beautiful building, near the foot of a sheer cliff at the upper end of the valley. As we came nearer, I could see many kinds of fruit and vegetables growing in abundance, among them oranges, dates, English walnuts, and pecans. A beautiful waterfall poured over the cliff, making a limpid pool at its base. The building was a massive one, and looked as though it had stood there for centuries....

We entered the ancient building. The interior was finished in pink marble and white onyx. I was shown to a beautiful room where the morning sun flooded everything with its glorious radiance.[1]

Деятельность обители

В этой обители проводятся занятия по Свету и Звуковым Лучам. Эти курсы обучения открыты только для подготовленных учеников — посвященных Вознесенных Владык, которых Владыки Кармы признают достойными получить эти знания.

Обитель Эриила — это гавань света, далекое от мирских вибраций, уединенное место в подлинном смысле этого слова. Здесь учатся ценить прелесть уединения, одиночества, то есть всеединства с Богом. Те, кто любит восходить на горы и медитировать на Бога, оценят Дух, который пропитывает эту обитель. Чтобы попасть туда во время сна, им нужно сделать призыв, ибо только в этой атмосфере полного отделения от мира можно изучать сложную науку Света и Звуковых Лучей.

Фокус пламени в этой обители — фиолетового цвета с розовой оболочкой; обитель распространяет излучение божественной любви. Эриил привлекает в этот дом света детей, совершивших переход. Сюда приводят маленьких детей в возрасте до двенадцати лет, а также подростков, чтобы они могли приспособиться к новой октаве, в которой неожиданно оказываются из-за несчастных случаев, болезней или по другим причинам. Здесь Эриил помогает им развивать какую-нибудь грань их божественного плана в подготовке к следующему воплощению.

Eriel’s retreat is a fairyland, a storybook village of cobblestones and windmills and mothers and fathers and houses. Here, children can experience the continuity of a childhood that was abruptly severed. The great love of Eriel of the Light is for the healing of these children, that they might continue through the logical sequence of evolution that they would have known. And when they have finished and resolved the psychological burdens of an untimely passing, they may be prepared for embodiment again.

Музыка Эдварда Мак-Дауэлла «Дикой розе» из «Лесных эскизов» отражает пламя обители Эриила.


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