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Eriel, who received the science of the Light and Sound Rays in the Arabian Retreat, is the hierarch of the retreat in Arizona where training in the use of this science is given.

Embodied in China as an alchemist, a philosopher and a sage, Eriel has assisted China through many crises, including the Communist revolution. During the slaughter of the Chinese people in the 1930s, he assisted thousands who passed prematurely from the screen of life by taking them to his retreat for training and preparation for reembodiment. The most advanced were prepared for admission to the Ascension Temple.

One whom he assisted was Fun Wey, now the ascended master, who was brought to Eriel’s retreat when his life was threatened as a small boy in China. There he passed his initiations leading to his ascension and finally gained his immortal freedom.

Eriel has appeared in a body over six feet tall and has penetrating Oriental eyes that glisten like stars in the night sky. In his command are legions of purple-flame angels. His symbol is a pink rose.

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