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The false hierarchy is composed of a group of unascended adepts dwelling in the astral belt, organized to impersonate the true brotherhood of ascended masters who comprise the governing hierarchy of the planet Earth—the Great White Brotherhood. The false hierarchy is also known as the black brotherhood—its members practice the black arts or black magic, which is a system of the misuse of God’s power for the purpose of exerting control over others, thus depriving them of the immediate direction of their own mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self.

In the eleventh chapter of his Second Epistle to the Corinthians Paul speaks of these false brethren:

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

Members of the false hierarchy

The members of the false hierarchy consist of fallen Luciferian angels, and those who were once pupils of the ascended masters who elected to use the knowledge of the sacred fire vouchsafed unto them for self-glorification rather than to the glory of God and the expansion of his kingdom. This is known as the left-handed path. The tools of the false hierarchy cooperating from astral levels include disembodied witches, discarnate entities and mass “forms” or entities of human creation.

The tools of the false hierarchy dwelling among mankind in physical embodiment are those who, like themselves, are dedicated to the destruction of all that is of God; included in the ranks of the embodied tools are the fallen angels, the laggards, the godless creation, witches, practitioners of voodoo and other forms of jungle magic, and those among the children of God who remain uncommitted to living the life of the Christ and can therefore be manipulated to carry out the schemes of the black brotherhood in many circumstances.


All of these forces work together as the “legion”[1] that opposes man’s spiritual progress. They work zealously to preserve the entrenchment of social systems that enslave the race to a ceaseless round of economic drudgery, making materialism the goal of existence and justifying it by the philosophy of dialectical materialism, while attempting to strike from the records of memory itself the knowledge of the soul concerning her origin in God, Good, and her ultimate return to the Father through the ritual of the ascension.

The most skilled among the false hierarchy (who abide on the astral plane) appear regularly to receptive channels in embodiment. They impersonate the ascended masters with such cunning that many sincere seekers have been fooled; thinking they were in the presence of one or more of the ascended masters, they have dedicated themselves unwittingly to the cause of darkness and chained their energies to the wiles of the masters of deceit.

It is the policy of the false hierarchy to trap mankind by imitating the dictations of the ascended masters. This they accomplish by parroting truisms. When they have lulled their listeners into a state of false peace and utter self-satisfaction, they introduce bits of doctrine that are in absolute contradiction to cosmic law.[2] These deviations from basic Truth are couched in glowing terms and rationalized to the ego by appeals to pride and the desire to be thought wise among men and superior to others who do not have contact with the invisible world.

Seekers for Truth must ever be mindful that curiosity, pride and the desire for attention to the personal ego, as well as hunger for strange phenomena, open the door to psychic intrusions which when once “turned on,” like the sorcerer’s apprentice, are difficult to turn off. Whereas, unswerving devotion to the Presence of God in all life, dedication to the immaculate concept and a thorough, ready knowledge of ascended master law are spiritual bulwarks of defense that provide infinite protection from all that would oppose man’s individual self-mastery and his ultimate ascension in the light.


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  2. If they cannot succeed in trapping the innocent through manipulation and imitation, they follow the course of pure Truth and logic for a time, until their followers are so sure they are on the right track that they are no longer careful to examine each release.