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The ascended master Fun Wey serves under the master Eriel in his retreat in Arizona. Fun Wey teaches the “fun way” to the ascension. He says, “The fun way of living is the God way of living. It is the abundant life for which the Christ came into manifestation in ye all.”[1]

Fun Wey began his evolution in the elemental kingdom, mastered certain disciplines and was transferred to the human kingdom, given a threefold flame and the opportunity to earn his immortality.

The master Eriel rescued Fun Wey, when, as an infant born to an old Chinese family, his life was threatened. Fun Wey attained his ascension from Eriel’s retreat after giving enthusiastic and illumined obedience to the master.

Serving on the third and sixth rays, Fun Wey radiates the qualities of joy and the desire to serve. He also works with the elemental beings. His radiation may be drawn through the melody of “In a Country Garden.”

Fun Wey tells us:

It was by no idle measure that the Father bestowed upon me the name Fun Wey, for indeed by obedience, chastity and love I found my way back to his heart under the tutelage of beloved Eriel. Precious friends of light, it was because I found the fun way to the ascension that the Father gave me this name, and so I come today to bring to you the knowledge and understanding of the meditations of my heart as I saw truly that the way back home was the way of delight in God’s Law.[2]


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