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Individual life is the doorway to the Infinite. Thus the admonishment was written on the ancient temple walls: “Man, know thyself!”—which is to say, “Man, know thy Self as God!” To know the Real Self is to know God—God, not as the tyrant that so many dread, that some have forsaken and others have proclaimed as dead, but God as the Geometry of Divinity (G-O-D), the Geometry of your Divinity. God is “the great Macrocosm of all-pervading consciousness.”[1]

Spirit and Matter are but the yang and yin of him who is the Source of all and is still beyond our all. We cannot say, then, that God is confined to Spirit and that his externalization is confined to Matter, but only that Spirit and Matter are the dual expression of God, both being found in the form and formless aspects of creation.

Because it is impossible to know God directly or to define his Being, we speak of him in allegory and metaphor so that our finite minds can gain a co-measurement of the infinite.

The transcendent nature of God

God is a transcendent being, and with each new outbreath he evolves to a greater state of cosmic perfection and beauty. Transcendence, then, is the Law of Life. It is the progression of cosmos, of suns, stars and galaxies, embracing greater and greater measures of Divinity as being flows with the patterns of the descending and ascending spirals, the outbreathing and the inbreathing of God’s consciousness.

The opportunity for man to transcend his current level of achievement originates in the transcendent nature of his Creator. Even the Supreme Monad, the Almighty One, is continually transcending himself according to the Law of Cycles; and if it were not so, transcendence would not exist as an opportunity for the creation.

God himself is the circle that has neither beginning nor ending of cycles because his Being takes in the universe of cycles and all that precedes and follows them in the formed and unformed dimensions of Spirit. God himself involutes: drawing his energies within the center of Macrocosmic manifestation, like “a fire infolding itself,” the full potential of his Being is concentrated within the white-fire core of the Great Central Sun.

All of the cycles that are to be outpictured throughout universes unborn are there, compressed, spiral within spiral, wheel within wheel, atomic energies imploding Light, which explode at the moment of the Great Command to give birth to a star, a sun or a universe. And so God evolutes, and that which was once the dot within the center of the circle become the circumference of the Macrocosm.

The four personalities of God

God is universal love—omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. He manifests with and without form or correlation to finite patterns.

Those who worship him as the Impersonal Impersonality describe him as a powerful all-pervading Spirit proscribed by neither form nor dimension. They affirm that “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”[2]

Those who worship him as the Personal Personality see His face smiling down upon them, reflected in the pool of their being even as Adam “... heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.”[3]

Those who worship him as the Impersonal Personality recognize God as both the mist and the crystal. They see him first as the essence of Universal Spirit and then as Spirit merging with its individualization. They proclaim with Job, “I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear; but now mine eye seeth thee.”[4]

Those who see him as the Personal Impersonality wait upon the LORD in the supreme hope that “yet in my flesh shall I see God.”[5] They know that the body is the temple of the living God and that if he is indeed the God of the universe, the waters of his mind must ultimately become the Word made flesh. They know that even as the earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof, so the LORD is the fullness of the earth made manifest.

The individualization of the God-flame

When the LORD desires to extend a portion of his consciousness into individual manifestation, he seals the pattern of individualization within an electronic circle of his identity called the I AM Presence. The great miracle of life is that the Universal God can individualize himself within the white-fire core of Being at any point in space he so desires.

The creation of the Divine Monad, the individualized I AM Presence, takes place when the Spirit of God projects the Light seed of his image into the ovoid of Matter[6] in the Hub of the Great Central Sun. Through the resulting union of the essence of Spirit and Matter, of Yang and Yin, in the plane of Matter-Earth, a miniature white-fore core is formed in the heart of the Sun.

This is the moment of the individualization of the God-flame. This is the birth of the androgynous sphere of being out of which proceed twin flames representing the Father-Mother God. Each of these twin flames forms the nucleus of an individualized I AM Presence.

Just as God is individualized for every man in the I AM Presence, so heaven is individualized for each one in his own causal body. Each individual causal body is one of the Father’s many mansions, one of his manifest “ions,” or electronically charged particles of individualized manifestation. Just as there is a universal I AM Presence, which some address as “Almighty God,” so there is a universal Causal Body, which is generally referred to as “heaven.” This universal Causal Body is more accurately described as “the Great Causal Body.”

The Great Causal Body is the Macrocosmic heaven-world, whereas the individual causal body is the microcosmic heaven-world. Both are reservoirs of great God-power into which all who are sincere may tap for the bringing in of the kingdom of God “as Above (in the Causal Body), so below (in the world of form).”

In Kabbalah

Main article: Kabbalah

Like modern scientists, Jewish mystics of the thirteenth century said that in the beginning there was nothing—nothing, that is, except the “divine nothingness,” the hidden, transcendent God. The God of Genesis who “created the heaven and the earth” was not even manifest. The term the mystics used to describe God before creation was Ein Sof. Ein Sof means “without end,” or “the Infinite.” Ein Sof is the First Cause. It is ultimate reality—unmanifest, incomprehensible and indescribable.

God’s karma

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”[7]—and the chain of action-reaction-interaction was begun. God, the First Cause, created the first karma. By his will to be, God willed into being both Creator and creation and thereby set in motion the eternal movement of his energy—karma. By God’s eternal desiring to be God, the one great Self makes permanent the law of karma in the cycles of the cosmos. God’s creation is his karma. Sons and daughters of God are the karma of the living God most high.

From out the white-fire core of energy that is God—that is Life, that is Spirit—came Matter, the ultimate effect of the ultimate cause. And Matter became the playground of Mother. The Father-Mother God is both the force and the forcefield, repulsion and attraction, of Creator and creation, positive and negative, plus and minus, Spirit and Matter—the One, the Whole, the All, yet individed for the evolution of the sons and daughters of God.

God the One polarizes and manifests as duality in order to create a backdrop for the expansion of his own Self-awareness. God, in the desire to become more of God, created the karma of duality. Thus male and female, representing the One, were created as the dual aspects of the one consciousness. Man and woman are the microcosm of God’s karma suspended in the Macrocosm of his karma. They contain within the self the entire cosmos of God’s karma in manifestation. All of this, the Creator and the creation of God, was and is the karma of God.

God’s karma is the karma of perfection—perfection being the flow of harmony from Spirit to Matter and from Matter to Spirit. God’s karma, fulfilling the law of his energy in motion, can be understood as the movement of his will in an endless succession of primary forces producing secondary forces and tertiary forces and so on infinitum, from the center of his Being to the circumference and from the circumference to the center. God’s karma is the synchronization of such cosmic forces interplaying through cosmic forcefields, extending to the bounds of his habitation in Spirit and in Matter.

The mystery of God

The mysteries of life, in all of its fantastic wonder, are not intended to be contained within the mind of man, ascended or unascended. Only God is totally aware of himself. Often the masters have told us that even they do not really know who God is, but only the “I AM THAT I AM”—that portion of himself which he has deigned to externalize. However, the masters are not limited in any sense of the word; for with the knowledge of the I AM, they can continue to explore and expand for millions of aeons and still not come to the realization of who God is.

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