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Pine trees at Jenny Lake, Teton Range, Wyoming

The ascended master God Tabor, the “God of the Mountains,” governs the mountain ranges of North and Central America. God Tabor is eight feet tall, and his fragrance is the essence of pine. He works closely with the God of Gold.

Meeting God Tabor

In Ascended Master Discourses, the ascended lady master Pearl speaks of meeting God Tabor when she was in embodiment. She went to Table Mountain with Rex, Nada and Godfre, where, as she says:

I felt impelled to go away a short distance by myself and there before me was this great majestic being, the God Tabor.

As he talked to me, I realized—just through a mighty flash of feeling—that we were all being directed by a mighty intelligence, clothed in a dazzling form of light. I want to tell you precious ones, that Cyclopea, Arcturus, the God Meru, the God Tabor and the God Himalaya are beings, who, the first time one sees them, seem almost terrifying in their majesty, their beauty, the intensity of their light, and the perfection which they are. Yet, with all that great and wondrous power, as gentle as a mother with her child whom she loves more than anything in the world. When it is necessary, like a flash of lightning, their limitless power can be released, which is to perform a given service.[1]

Elemental life

God Tabor is very concerned about the burden upon elemental life. He says:

Call for Helios and Vesta to come forth. Call for my mantle—the mantle of God Tabor. Know and understand, beloved, that when you heal elementals and you bring them to the point of understanding how they might one day receive the chalice of a threefold flame—this is indeed the greatest gift that you could ever give to elemental life.

Beloved, you are all very busy. The Lords of Karma are busy. The hierarchs are busy—all have so many things to do. But you must stop and say, “We cannot neglect elemental life; indeed, we must serve elemental life and bring them to the place where they can once again believe in themselves and call forth their threefold flame.”

If elementals felt they could earn that threefold flame, they would work diligently with you. But in some cases, they have again lost all hope for recovering that manifestation. Thus, as you know, elementals pass from the screen of life never to return, for they do not have that threefold flame.

Sometimes it is nice to go into the forests and the mountains throughout the world to see the scenery. As you do this, always remember the four kingdoms of elemental beings and consider what you can and shall do with them and for them.[2]

The “lonely ones”

In 1964, Tabor said:

I come to you tonight to speak to you primarily of the “silent ones,” those souls that have drawn apart at various times in their lives to commune in the quiet places of the world with the power that was derived from their eternal source. The world is enrichened by countless numbers of these blessed souls....

Therefore, precious ones of the light, those who are with me, the Gods of the Mountains, desire to expand in your consciousness a new sense of the “lonely ones.” “Come apart. Come out from among them and be ye a separate people,” saith the LORD thy God. So long as you are of the world you cannot be of the immortal kingdom. Ultimately, one by one they shall all step forth and be counted in the ranks of God. Now as the lonely ones, one by one in your various communities, not desiring to be thought wise of men but seeking an eternal city of God, as Augustine, the saint of old, you shall pursue your divine destiny.[3]


Main article: Tabor's retreat in the Rocky Mountains

Tabor has a retreat in North America’s Rocky Mountains.

Tabor is also the hierarch of a new retreat, opened on April 14, 1968, in the front range of the Rocky Mountains above Colorado Springs. This focus of the will of God forms an arch of blue flame from the Temple of Good Will in Darjeeling. From his retreat, Tabor radiates the protection of the first ray through the mountain ranges in North and Central America.

Before coming to the Americas, Tabor was hierarch of the retreat at Mount Tabor in the Holy Land.

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