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The Statue of Liberty

The Goddess of Liberty is spokesman for the Karmic Board and representative of the second ray on that Board. She is the hierarch of the Temple of the Sun, her etheric retreat over the island of Manhattan, New York. She holds the God consciousness of liberty for the earth.


The Goddess of Liberty was embodied on Atlantis. She was also embodied as a member of the Amazonian Race, a people of great stature whose women ruled an ancient civilization where the Amazon Basin now is.

So great was her momentum of dedication to the Spirit of Liberty embodied in the threefold flame of the heart, that after her ascension, this lady master was called upon to bear the title of Goddess of Liberty, denoting her office in hierarchy as the authority for the cosmic consciousness of liberty to the earth.

During her embodiment upon Atlantis, she erected the Temple of the Sun where Manhattan Island now is, patterning it after the Solar Temple in the Great Central Sun. The central altar was dedicated to the threefold flame of the liberty of the Christ, which proceeds from the white-fire core of Being focused by beloved Alpha and Omega. This shrine was surrounded by twelve lesser shrines attended by representatives of the solar hierarchies who, together with the Goddess of Liberty, invoked on behalf of the evolutions of the earth the spiritual radiation of the Sun behind the sun.

Just prior to the sinking of Atlantis, the Goddess of Liberty transported the liberty flame enshrined at the temple to a place of safety in another retreat of the Great White Brotherhood, the Château de Liberté in southern France. When Atlantis went down in cataclysm, the Temple of the Sun was withdrawn to the etheric octave. The activities of the Brotherhood of Liberty continue at the etheric plane where the physical temple once stood.

Her service following her ascension

The Spirit of Liberty inspired the early American patriots to found a new nation “under God” and to frame a constitution based on the Brotherhood’s plan for the emerging Christ consciousness that would come to maturity on virgin soil under the direction of Saint Germain, the God of Freedom for the earth.

The Goddess of Liberty appeared to General Washington during the winter of 1777 and revealed to him America’s destiny, giving him the strength and the courage to complete his own mission as the liberator of the thirteen original colonies. [See Washington’s vision.]

Statue of liberty head 2013-10-28.jpg
The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty

It is no wonder that the Statue of Liberty, a gift of the French people, was erected on Bedloe’s Isle. The flame of liberty drew the focus of the Statue of Liberty as an outer symbol of hope for liberation from all forms of tyranny to the “tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”[1]

The Goddess of Liberty wears a crown of seven rays, focusing the power of the Elohim and their implementation of the seven rays in form, in Matter (Mater), the mother aspect of Divinity. Her crown is also a focus of the seven rays anchored in the forehead of every son and daughter of God. The Goddess of Liberty represents the “Lady with the lamp” whom Henry Wadsworth Longfellow prophesied would “stand in the great history of the land, a noble type of good, heroic womanhood.”[2]

The Goddess of Liberty represents the archetypal pattern of the World Mother who carries the Book of Divine Law, the Book of Illumination containing the knowledge that will show mankind the way out of the night of human error. At the base of the Statue of Liberty are broken chains, symbolizing a being free from the bondage of human creation, stepping forth to enlighten the world. Her torch is the flame of cosmic illumination.

Her service today

Liberty proclaims:

The song of creation is the song of hope, and the hope that is born of the heart of God is a tender flame that blazes in the torch that I uphold! I uphold it now and I uphold it for aye and I uphold it for all.

Will you join me in the upholding of that torch? Will you join me in standing fast when all the world assails you? Will you join me in the hour of twilight, knowing that with me you shall watch out the coming dawn?[3]

The Goddess of Liberty stands at the seven o’clock line of the twelve solar hierarchies (opposite Saint Germain) as the authority for the attribute of God-gratitude on behalf of the evolutions of this solar system. Of gratitude and America’s destiny she has said:

Gracious ones, I AM God in action! As I come to you today, it is to reveal the wondrous thought in the idea of “Immigration”—I AM gratitude in action. Behold, then, that America was intended to be a land where gratitude in action would produce, through the power of the cosmic liberty bell, that wondrous attitude of freedom that would make men responsive to God within the citadel of their hearts....

Immigration from the heart of God to the planet Earth, precious ones, is an opportunity. And immigration back to the heart of God is an opportunity. Individuals must, then, recognize the boon of gratitude. “I AM gratitude in action!” And therefore, the goings out and the comings in of mankind ought always to be accompanied by a manifestation of gratitude to the Deity.[4]

Although she has attained initiations at cosmic levels and need not remain with the planet, the Goddess of Liberty has taken the vow to remain in the service of the earth until every last man, woman and child has made his ascension. This is the bodhisattva ideal.

The Goddess of Liberty has said:

When I stand in the Temple of the Sun, when I stand in the harbor of New York, beloved ones, I say to myself, the mantra of the bodhisattvas, “It all depends on you.” That is why I stand and still stand because I believe the mantra of my Guru, beloved Vesta, who shines in the sun and who repeats the mantra of her Guru, “It all depends on you.” When you know it through and through you will not fail, for the Eye of Compassion, the mother’s eye, so mild and pure, looking upon the lifewaves beneath her feet, cannot escape the truth. It all depends on you. Children of my heart, rise and pass through the door of objectivity and become the Woman clothed with the Sun.[5]

The Goddess of Liberty has called for one thousand faithful ones to decree to preserve America’s destiny. May the students’ great love for the destiny of God in man inspire them to answer Liberty’s call!

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