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The Goddess of Purity focuses the flame of Cosmic Christ purity in her service to the evolutions of the earth.

Her action of purity is amplified by the four beings of the elements in their service to the evolutions of the earth. Hers is the Mother principle of purity, which she focuses through her scepter of power that carries a tremendous momentum of purity, piercing the veil of human night and drawing all those who invoke purity out of the maya, glamour and karma of their own human creation. The point of that scepter is the diamond. Sharper than a two-edged sword, this focus of the flaming will of God is used by the angels of purity in cooperation with Gabriel and Astrea to free mankind caught in the astral belt.

The beauty of her devotion to purity and her powerful momentum drew many of the young women of Atlantis into the temples to serve as vestal virgins and guardians of the flame of purity. The service of the Goddess of Purity in holding the immaculate concept for the evolutions of the planet naturally involves the use of the fifth ray of precipitation and truth. Thus, she holds the keys with beloved Ray-O-Light to the fearlessness flame, which is the white flame of purity tinged with the penetrating green ray of truth. All who serve purity’s ray focus their energies through the lily.

The Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Purity form a trinity of three cosmic beings who have majored on the one-pointed goal of focusing the intense light of the Christ consciousness of God. They should be invoked daily, and their light is especially amplified at winter solstice.


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From her retreat over Madagascar, where the flame of purity has been sustained for thousands of years, angels of purity carry light rays to the four corners of the earth.

The Goddess of Purity also holds the focus of one of the ancient temples of Lemuria that was located in the city of the seven hills, where San Francisco now is. This is a magnificent etheric retreat, and the intensity of the flame of purity that is focused there is beyond what man can imagine. This retreat was established hundreds of thousands of years ago. It is a focus of the Mother flame of Mu as well as a focus of the ascension flame.

The retreats of the Goddess of Light (in the Andes), the Queen of Light (above Sicily), and the Goddess of Purity (on Madagascar) focus an action of the Trinity to the earth. Together these hierarchs draw the action of the cosmic threefold flame on behalf of earth’s evolutions.

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