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The Great Central Sun Magnet is the white-fire core of the Great Central Sun.

The antahkarana

The Great Central Sun Magnet, the center of flaming love-purity within the Hub, is the focus of the Holy Spirit of God. It energizes the momentums of unity that make all of the universes of God’s conscious manifestation an individed whole, an integrated network of galaxies evolving from one dimension to the next. The Great Central Sun Magnet is the energy source for the flame of life wherever it manifests. The Silent Watchers are the keepers of that flame. With the assistance of innumerable helpers, they guard its purity and power, its wisdom and love.

It is the service of the Silent Watchers to act as agents of the Great Central Sun Magnet to step down from one level of God’s Self-awareness to the next the energies of God’s potential, so that these might be useful and relevant to each successive stage of evolving life.

The antahkarana (the web of life) is composed of the filigree threads that connect the Silent Watchers serving throughout the Macrocosm. This antahkarana is the conductor of the energies of the Great Central Sun Magnet. The crystal cord that connects the God Self and the Christ Self with the Great Central Sun Magnet is part of this antahkarana.

The Lake of Fire is a giant focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet on the “surface” of the God Star, Sirius.

Invocation of the Great Central Sun Magnet

The sons of God may invoke the power of the Great Central Sun Magnet—wherever they may be in the universe—to demagnetize from their forcefields and consciousness all energy that is not polarized to perfection.

Wherever a focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet is established on earth through the calling forth of the sacred fire from the altars of God, transmutation—or repolarization of the electrons—will also take place. Devotees of the sacred fire are, therefore, encouraged to establish a focus of the Unfed Flame in their homes. This may be accomplished in the following manner:

Establishing an altar

A small table or chest covered with a white cloth is placed in the room where one’s energies are consecrated to God through prayer, meditation and decrees. Centered on the table is a chalice made of cut glass or crystal. If you do not have a crystal or glass chalice available, a simple clear glass bowl may be substituted.

The Chart of Your Divine Self is hung on the wall over the chalice as the central focus of the altar. The Chart is flanked by the Charles Sindelar portraits of Saint Germain on the right and Jesus Christ on the left as you face the altar.

Candles burned during one’s devotional period may be the pastel shades of the colors of the rays, but custom favors white candles. Alternatively, three candles, one pink, one blue and one yellow, may be used to focus the threefold flame.

The altar table may also hold one or more vases of fresh or artificial flowers and selected statuary of cosmic beings or ascended masters, such as Jesus Christ, Saint Francis, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, the Goddess of Liberty, Kuan Yin and Mother Mary. Pieces of natural quartz or amethyst crystal may also be placed on the altar.

Keeping the flame

The Keeper of the Flame should visualize the sacred fire, invoked through his decrees, blazing continuously within the chalice. The intense white brightness of the Flame is seen as the brilliance of the sun shining on new-fallen snow. Acknowledge the power of the sacred fire to transform not only your own consciousness but also your immediate environment and the entire planetary body as well.

Once this focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet is established, the Flame should be “nourished” daily through the offering of decrees unto God. Unless these be given regularly (preferably at the same hour each day), the Flame will return to the heart of the God Presence, the octave of perfection from whence it came; for the lower octaves of imperfection in which mankind live are an unnatural habitat for the perfection of the Godhead. Here on earth His flaming Presence can be sustained only through the threefold flame anchored in the hearts of the sons and daughters of God. Thus, the focus of the sacred fire within the chalice is actually an extension in the world of form of the threefold flame of the supplicant’s own I AM Presence.

If the devotee is faithful in his practice of this ritual of invocation, the ministering angels who tend the altars consecrated to God throughout the world will tarry at his altar once every twenty-four hours to magnify the power of the Son of God (the power of the Great Central Sun Magnet). The Unfed Flame aglow within the chalice provides the point of contact through which the expansion of the Light of God on earth is accomplished. This Flame, although invisible at first, may become visible to the devotee as his devotional pattern, his spiritual senses and his consciousness are refined.

The Masters recommend that spiritual music and recordings of their dictations and decrees be played continuously (if possible) in this room when the disciple is not present. The Electronic Presence of every Ascended and Cosmic Being is focused wherever their dictations are played; and through the power of the spoken Word—even when it is reproduced electronically in this manner—one’s entire community, nation and world may be blessed (repolarized to perfection). The playing of their dictations gives the Ascended Masters an anchor point through which they may act in our octave to bring in the kingdom of God.

As the vibrations of the Masters’ love penetrate the physical, emotional, mental and etheric envelopes of the planet through the conscious, steadfast attunement of the devotee and the playing of their recorded dictations, these vibrations circle the earth and effectively counteract the discord that is being released hourly by a spiritually unenlightened humanity. In fact, the radiation of the Heavenly Hosts released through their dictations and alternated with the disciple’s own personal decree momentum is the only power that will stay the rising tide of witchcraft and black magic that is carried on radio waves from one end of the earth to the other through the endless playing of jazz, rock and the dissonant rhythms of modern music.

If every Ascended Master student would so consecrate an altar, and if possible an entire room, in his home to the magnetization of the Unfed Flame both within (in the chalice of his heart) and without (in the crystal chalice on his altar), unlimited assistance will be rendered to all of Life. It should be noted that this assistance is never limited by the God Presence, but only by the presence of inharmony within the home or within the disciple’s own consciousness. Therefore, he must stand as the watchman on the wall of the citadel of his consciousness to guard his “Peace with honor” as the highest Law of his being.

A focus in our heart

Cyclopea explains that we can also contain a focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet in our heart:

The great retainer of God consciousness is this, and I impart to you a secret of the ages: the retainer whereby you retain all of the gifts and graces of God is the very focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet, which you must consciously invoke and place within your own heart. A replica of that magnet is bequeathed to each one of you this day, but in order to keep it, it must be used according to the great balance of the scales of the Holy Spirit. And those scales must have the weight of Light sufficient to balance the remaining weight of Darkness within your forcefield.

If at any hour or moment of the day or night you lose your Light through discord, the balance scale then tips to the side of your own impending karma. And you see, you cannot hold the balance for cosmos, and the balance of Alpha-to-Omega energies in the focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet cannot be retained. Therefore, guard well the scales of Life and know that you must always, by invocation and service and devotion, keep in one side of the scale that portion of Light that is sufficient to the keeping of balance, of harmony and the abundant Life within your forcefield.

This is the happy way to the ascension. This is the way whereby the pain of overcoming and of the divine alchemy is dissolved. For greater is the Light that is in you than the Darkness; thus, you experience Light.[1]

The Order of the Great Central Sun Magnet

Lanello has invited chelas to join the Inner Order of the Great Central Sun Magnet:

Realize, then, that there is a portent of great comings and great events. But you will have to understand that all of you must become a magnet of the Great Central Sun, qualified by the action of the violet flame. You see, the Great Central Sun Magnet is as the white sphere in the center of the Great Causal Body. This Great Central Sun Magnet may then be charged by Elohim, in answer to your call, with a specific type of magnetism of the seven rays.

Thus, you may call for the Great Central Sun Magnet to be supercharged with the action of the violet ray and you may become together in this Mystical Body that Great Central Sun Magnet of the violet flame of freedom. And in this power and presence of that magnet of the violet flame you can consume and transmute on contact the great darkness that has rallied itself against this movement, Messenger, and Teaching. Fear not, for the Great Central Sun Magnet is the power of God to consume it. Yet the body bulbs must burn brightly and the molecules must be present. For this magnet must become physical in order for it to work through you in the physical octave.

Therefore, I suggest that those who truly understand the meaning of holding the balance for this Great Central Sun Magnet write to me at Darjeeling and propose their own confirmation in the Inner Order of the Great Central Sun Magnet. Beloved ones, our confirmation will come to you at inner levels. Your outer self may not be aware of it, but you ought to pursue the Path of those who have the calling. For when you pursue the Path you make your election sure[2] both in our minds and in your own.[3]

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