Heart meditations

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cover image of the audio album of Saint Germain's Heart Meditations

Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations I and II, delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Saint Germain’s request, are for the clearing, strengthening and initiation of the heart chakra and the balancing of the threefold flame. They include devotional prayers, decrees, mantras, hymns, meditations and visualizations as well as instruction and invocations by the messenger and the opportunity for participants to offer personal prayers.

Saint Germain has said of these meditations:

Neglect not my Heart Meditations, for as you increase the fire of the heart, so, beloved, I increase my Presence in your heart. The increase of the threefold flame is your key to the all-power in heaven and in earth that may be given unto you as a part of the initiations of the Holy Spirit, even the power of the three-times-three. Seek it, beloved.

Oh, it is so easy to take my Heart Meditations, to play them on your car cassette players, to play them in your homes. Do not think I will be offended if you cannot give 100-percent attention to these meditations. You need to imbibe them, to assimilate them, to drink them in, to hear my invocations given through the messenger and to accept them. What with world conditions as they are, beloved, we cannot spend on the Heart Meditations the precious hours we have [available to us] each week for group decree dynamics in the defense of freedom. Let them be set aside for the quiet moments, the moments when you retire.[1]

Saint Germain’s Heart Meditation I, given May 3, 1987, and Saint Germain’s Heart Meditation II, given July 10, 1988, are available on [1].


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