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The Maha Chohan speaks about the value of hobbies on the spiritual path:

As you journey through the rings of your Causal Body, do you find that some are not as developed as others? As you attempt to gain balance in the threefold flame, will you not also look to gain balance in the spheres of the Causal Body?

Look, then, at the sphere that has the greatest momentum and concentration of light. This will of course be the greatest sphere of your heaven-world and the one in which you have greatest comfortability. From the lotus posture as you visualize yourself seated in the seat of that most powerful sphere of light, look now to the sphere to which you have given the least attention, the one in which you have gained the least attainment or devotion. Use the power of your maximum devotion in your greatest sphere to bring balance to the lesser one.

This is why hobbies are important. This is why people have a mainstream in their lives where they move by the winds in their sails of prior momentums of aeons and aeons ago. Therefore they are able to accomplish mightily in their area of specialization. They may multiply supply. They may easily become prime movers in their fields throughout the world. This becomes the joy of one’s lifework.

And then, for a change, it is wise to take up an entirely different occupation, something that does not necessarily come easily to you—something that is a skill of the hands if you are a worker of the mind, or the reverse if you are a worker of the hands. Thus seek to develop those aspects of self where attention must be refined in a new focus and an understanding of the muscles not only of the body but of the spirit.[1]

Archangel Uriel speaks of hobbies as a help to overcoming negative habits:

Replace untoward activities and desires with new activities, new joy, new interactions, and friends of Light. Take up, then, sports or hobbies or activities of union, fighting for the freedom of those who need your help right in your own city. Let this replace the former indulgence and you will find that you are so preoccupied and so channeling all the energies of your being into this new joyous endeavor that there will not be, then, a regression when that which is suppressed once again explodes upon the surface of consciousness and you feel defeated once more by that old habit that has come again and again.[2]


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