Ignorant animal magnetism

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Ignorant animal magnetism is a state of mental density violating or blocking the Mind of Christ (the Higher Mental Body) from expressing through the lower mental body.

As charted on the Cosmic Clock this human creation of the carnal (fleshly) mind is a perversion of the mental discipline, intelligence and God Control developed under the hierarchy of Aries on the 3 o’clock line; of the inner alignment with the divine blueprint and plan and the self-determination and God Obedience developed under the hierarchy of Taurus on the 4 o’clock line; and of the soul-awareness, self-knowledge, discernment, discrimination and God Wisdom developed under the hierarchy of Gemini on the 5 o’clock line.

The absence of these qualities and the presence of their perversions is noted in states of mind characterized by a lack of God-centeredness, Christ-poise and integrity, or integration with the Holy Spirit. The typical forms are conceit, deceit, arrogance, spiritual pride and the self-importance of the lower ego, all of which eclipse the Sun of the Divine Ego or Higher Consciousness (3 o’clock); disobedience, human stubbornness and willfulness, and defiance against God and his laws, all of which sustain the out-of-alignment state known as dukkha, the root cause being inordinate desire, the net effect being human suffering (4 o’clock); envy, jealousy, self-ignorance, ineffective communication, nervous tension, scatterbrained, chaotic, disorganized, confused and robotic behavior patterns which distort the polarity of Alpha and Omega, the Gemini twin flames, and disorient the soul’s centeredness in the Great Central Sun Magnet (5 o’clock).

In sum, ignorant animal magnetism is a mental sloth and a lethargy which causes accidents and the breakdown of vehicles, machinery and equipment, among other things, because the individual is not focused in the right mindfulness of the higher Christic intelligence. Through the violet flame and a conscientious self-discipline, obedience to the precepts of the Path and a deep devotion to God and the gurus, one can transmute that which opposes the realization of the Christ Mind through the mental body, the heart, the soul, and the chakras.

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