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Igor was embodied in Russia at the time of the Russian Revolution and kept the flame on behalf of his countrymen in that period of travail. Igor was a disciple of Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel.

Early in Igor’s life, Gabriel came to him saying: “Hail, Igor. God has heard thy prayer and he has sent me unto thee. Know, then, that I will guide thee throughout thy life and I will be to thee a friend.”[1] Through this devoted son of God, Mary anchored a light that prevented the destruction and loss of life during the Russian Revolution from being much greater than it was.

Igor’s life

Mother Mary speaks of Igor as her “unknown Son” and describes his life of dedication to God:

And so I would tell you about Igor, the little Russian boy, the peasant child that I took under my wing back during the 1800s. And I held for him the same immaculate concept that I held for my Son, Jesus.

Igor dwelt near Ararat’s Mountain[2] in a very humble cabin, and from the time he was a child he prayed unto God. For he was a different child from those rude peasant boys who were his neighbors, and he turned at a very early age to inward contemplation.

I recall well when his unformed mind could not yet even create the matrices of understanding of just what he felt within his soul. But I worked with one of the great angels of speech who had been used at the time of the Tower of Babel to confound the people. And I urged upon this angel assistance for Igor that he might come, through the power of the angel, to understand the meaning of speech so that even his feelings could be translated into divine comprehension.

This child prayed, and he prayed not only with feeling but he prayed with understanding. And it came to pass that during the days of the Russian Revolution the work of Igor was most important to stop the frightful toll that otherwise would have been thrice that which it was. And while the awful powers of darkness were focusing in Rasputin, Igor was continually in prayer for the great peoples of Russia and for Mother Russia.

I tell you about this because he left no writing except upon the pages of akasha. But I want you to know that this blessed one who bore this name, which could well be confounded [i.e., confused] by the people of the world as synonymous with “ignorance,” was not ignorant. He was God-taught, and I sponsored his soul at inner levels.

His passion made him to be a patriarch to his people, but they knew him not. His name was never recorded, his own parents did not recognize his inward development—they thought him a strange and weird child, the child of aloneness—and his teachers cuffed his ears and sent him into the corner because they, too, thought him ignorant and without knowledge.

He sought for nothing for himself. But when the full knowledge of spiritual mastery was given to him and he attained a wisdom compatible with my Son Jesus, he did not do as Jesus did—go forth to gather souls by speaking to the masses upon the hilltops—but he wrestled with the souls of men at inner levels.

And as he lay upon his straw pallet and gazed up at the stars at night, his consciousness would roam afar—about the world. And he traveled and journeyed to France, to America and to many lands, seeing clearly and with a greater vision than your television screens can convey the beauty of men’s souls and their perils. When he saw peril there, he prayed, and his prayer filled the very air. His prayers were answered by angels of Raphael’s band, and healing was often effected by his love.

I would like to say to you today that he is the unknown Son of God. I would like to say to you today that if America and Russia are ever able to mend their differences and unify, it will be in part, and a great part, because of the work of Igor.

He has a new name now and it is so beautiful that I wish that I might be permitted to tell it to you. But the Lords of Karma have asked that he remain “the unknown Son.”[3]

His ascension

Of his ascension at the close of that embodiment, Igor has said:

I accepted Mary’s love and her wisdom and my heart was comforted, but the terror burned on. Throughout my life as I sought to be a pilgrim in a strange country, I aspired to attain something higher that I might free men. By and by, through the solemn ritual of the sacred mantra of my devotion toward God and through my one-pointedness, it came to pass that I was finally made ready for the moment of my ascension. And when it was given to me, it was not with mortal witnesses. I went up alone, but quickly found that I was not alone, for around me were many bright beings; and I knew that at last I had gone Home.[4]


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