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Once man and woman have rejected the Path—both the teacher and the teaching—their existence is relegated to the time-space world. There nature and elemental life in Matter have been subjected to the prideful, willful misuses of the crown chakra by the fallen angels who follow the leader who calls himself the Illumined One.

Lucifer chose this title as the ultimate perversion of the wisdom of the second ray and of the light of the Father-Mother God. Those who followed him in the usurpation of the Mother’s energies of illumined action called themselves the Illuminists. And over the centuries the inner and outer orders of those who have created the counterfeit path have been known as the Illuminati.

Goals of the Illuminati

The Illuminists have taught over thousands of years the philosophy of scientific humanism. This is the doctrine that man has a superior intelligence and that he can achieve his goals by intelligence alone. The scientific humanist strives for domination of the Matter sphere; his goal is man’s exaltation over nature and nature’s God. He has no need for a God who is perceived to exist outside of his consciousness, for he is a god unto himself.

In the course of the manipulation of mankind, the Illuminists (who now stand in the place of guru) have imposed their tyrannies of pride and arrogance on top of the self-imposed tyrannies of fallen man and woman.

Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati

The Bavarian Illuminati

One outer order of the Illuminati was a secret order founded in Bavaria May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt (1748–1830), a professor of canon law at Ingolstadt University, Germany, and a former Jesuit. This order, originally called the Society of Perfectibilists, was divided into an intricate system of graded classes and degrees of initiation. Members observed strict oaths of secrecy and obedience to superiors, with secret confessions and mutual surveillance.

At its height, the Illuminati operated throughout a wide area of Europe. It is said that Weishaupt’s real aim—hidden from novices at the outer rings of his group—was to replace Christianity with the worship of reason and to establish a world government through which the Illuminati would rule the world. The group was outlawed by edict of the Bavarian government in 1785, though some claim that the order and/or its ideals and methods have lived on.

An ongoing conspiracy

Cyclopea explains that the conspiracy of the Illuminati continues at inner levels:

I come to tell you that the conspiracy of the Illuminati is a reality from astral planes, from the fallen ones who have been organized with their concept of the new order of the ages since the moment of the Great Rebellion and the fall of the Luciferians. From that hour the councils of the fallen ones determined to take over the earth, to deprive man and woman of their rightful inheritance in taking dominion over the earth, and to set forth the counterfeit hierarchy and the counterfeit plan.

And therefore I tell you that those who are a part of the Illuminati, they themselves conceive of themselves as the ones who are called and appointed to bring forth the new order of the ages. And just as you see in this sign and symbol of the Great White Brotherhood [the capstone of the pyramid] the promise of the coming of the seventh ray of Saint Germain, so the fallen ones are as certain that the time is coming when their new order of worldwide power in the economy and in the governments of the nations, as worldwide control, will be a manifest reality.[1]

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For more information

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